7 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

If Society targets only "YOU".. FOLLOW YOUR TERMS!!!

808th BLOG POST -->>

Note: I would love if you would read SOCIETY!!! Has it ever done any good to us? before reading this post.

             Recently, I posted a blog which says that society should be ignored and if time comes, even snubbed and humiliated. I would say that if you have power, even beat them up. :-) Now some of you may say that hence some religious extremists are right when they blast bombs because society termed their religion to be the one advocating terrorism. Hence to show society what is right, they retaliate. Does this sound right? No. And will never be right. To tell the society that you are above them, you will have to keep your behaviour, etiquette, lifestyle and volume better than them. If you are yourself doing what the society does with you, you are no one to blame them when they put allegations at you. Some times, its possible that out of many who do the same sin, only one turns out to be the target of audience(society). But that does not mean the one should baffle and start all the immorality against the society. The calm has to be kept. There is no need to show the redness that you have in yourself. The lava that is beneath you should remain there for as long as possible. As you know, the volcanoes does not erupt everyday. Right? :-)

              The Delhi Rape Case didn't only teach us that the protection of women in India, mainly in Delhi, is in danger. But it taught us many things. Initially, people did feel bad for the girl and thus the anger was shown effectively at India Gate and other such landmarks all over the nation. But later on, we heard many commoners like us blaming the girl too after a level of discussion. Somewhere, there might be a mistake from all the parties but the one who has involved himself in the crime is wrong-doer. The rapists are bad and they will remain to be. They are culprit and they will remain to be. Let the girl be whatever she has been. Let her be out of the house after midnight too. But one shouldn't benefit out of the situation. That night, the girl went to watch an evening show with her friend. Yes! Let me tell you all that the girl's father has cleared it in an interview that they were not to be married and were not even couples.

               As society, we can say that now his father is hiding things. But we should not as we know that society never talks good. So lets improve ourselves. Right? :-) Then, as society we can also say that the character of the girl was downmarket as she went for a movie alone with a male friend even when he was not her fiancee or a boyfriend. But then, they went for watching movie and not for watching each other's. Better not get into the details as to what happens in the theater hall. Not every boy and girl who goes for a movie do that. And even if they do, what's wrong? At least that is been done in the darkness and not like some shameful craps in public places. Hey God, why am I supporting this Cheapiyagiri so much? Let's get out of this. What I'm trying to say basically is that the girl went to watch a movie in an evening show which most of us go. Out of 50 women who would have come out of the same show that night, only she got into this mishap. So even if we are blaming this girl, are we trying to say that other 49 who reached their home safely are right? 

             If they are, then even Jyoti Pandey is. We are no one to blame the girl who is a victim of something as heinous crime as rape. Rape is truly a crime which shows how deplorable and animal a human being can be. That's the last level that one can reach. I don't find any thing worst than forcing someone for something they are not interested in. And then something like Sex is really a difficult thing to even imagine. Whatever! Let's not get into there. I am just saying that as society it is easy to pass comment on the girl who is been raped or the boy who is been beaten. But while doing this, we never think about other 49 women who reached home safely. We don't blame them. Or if they are right then this victim is as right as them. She has done no wrong. When the whole of India watches movie from 6 to 9, then being out of the home at 9 is no bad that the girl did. Though I, myself, suggest everyone to be home at the safe time. 

            Hence, this is just a proof of 806th BLOG POST that why am I asking all of you to keep society's perspective about you or the way life has to be lived away from your terms of living. When they directly point the finger at you even when there were hundreds doing the same that you did, they are certainly targeting you purposely to pull "you" down. Show them what being strong is. Show them what being one-sided is. Show them what One-man army is. Stay alone and conquer the world rather than being with the society and blocking the way of the people having ambitions to conquer the world. Us din bhadaas poori tarah se nikli nahi isliye aaj fir us hi mudde ko uthaana pada. Kabhi aisa mehsus hua k dil mein ab bhi zakhm baaki hai toh fir le sakte hain hum is SAMAAJ ki.. :-) Abhi ke liye itna hi.



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