20 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

A still water is stale, so is still life. It should neither be drunk nor touched"

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            A was too excited to meet his very old friend B after 5 years. He did all the preparations to meet him. The more awkward thing was that they were not even in communication during these 5 years since they parted after Graduation. No one knew what the other one was doing in life. And they had decided during their phone conversation that they are not going to discuss anything over it as during their meet, they will have to just keep saying "Aur bolo.. Aur bolo" after every two minutes due to lack of topics. Both were excited to know each other's whereabouts. A had achieved too much in life and hence he was excited to know about B as he always believed that B has been little more passionate than him. Finally, they met. All the hugging, hand shaking and exclamation took place for first few minutes and finally when they settled down, they started talking about career.

             A discussed about every thing that he achieved after Graduation. An award, a MBA degree, a placement with highest salary, a successful engagement with childhood crush, a gift from parents in the form of a new car which has always been his interest etc. B kept listening everything. He was feeling awkward. He wanted A to keep talking about himself as he had nothing to tell. He didn't do quite well in life. Finally, A stopped and exclaimed,"Hey now it's your turn, buddy. Start with your achievements". B told him about his MCA that he begun with good marks but finally ended up screwing his 4th, 5th and 6th Semester and eventually decided to end his Academics. Then he started up a business which didn't do well and life around him shattered. Since then he is been sitting at home and thinking about what has to be done with life.

          A was shocked. It was hard for him to believe that B wasn't doing any adventure in his life currently. He asked B to do something that he feels he is good at. B said that he is tired with lots of failure and weaknesses in life. And now he has decided to eat with whatever his parents have saved since they married. A asked him to not to eat what his parents have saved by putting their efforts in. He pleaded him to work and eat because the food of our own money gives the ultimate satisfaction which nothing else in life can. B was not satisfied. He said that it is him because of whom his parents have been successful in saving these money otherwise without his support and help right from his childhood, his parents would not have been where they stand today. A felt very bad talking to him. The whole image that he made of B's in his mind broke into pieces once he talked to him. It was hard for him to see someone close to him talking like LOSERS. 

             A left the place and during the journey towards home in his car, he decided that he is not meeting B any time again in life. He didn't like the purpose of B's life. He always liked the people with purpose, aim, goal and vision. He, himself, never sat in life. For him the philosophy of life has always been one- "A still water is stale, so is still life. It should neither be drunk nor touched" which means that a person should never sit idle, he should keep walking and achieving heights. A person should crumble, do mistakes, perform sins, fall, fail, crawl and drag but not stop. He never feared from taking risks, analyzing the situations, failing or getting humiliated or insulted. He always loved doing something new. Someone came one day and gave him a proposal and said that his invention would be purchased by them for which he would be given enough money to sit and eat. He asked them once more why they are willing to pay him so much and they replied the same. They thought that A was an average greedy human craving for money and rest. He said NO to their deal just because their purpose was something which A considered worst than death. And he could have never sold his precious creative idea to people with such mind set. 

            Life has to be moving. He always said to everyone in his group that life is a bike- even if its moving at the speed of 10 km/hour, its at least moving rather than standing at a place for years and only adding up the cost of its owner's possession for its depreciation. His friends used to respect him a lot. It was not that A never failed in life. Before Graduation he was a thorough failure. But once he came in Graduation, he gave so much to his life that it all turned perfect since then. Though only his Academics went perfect, other things that he engrossed himself in didn't do quite well. They all failed one after another. He always wanted to be a Business man but failed incessantly. He wanted to start earning during his study days itself but he never succeeded. But still he keeps trying. This is what A teaches everyone still.... It has been 20 years since this era when he met B but still... A is criticized by media for making his business lose amount of Crores which indirectly affects the Sensex chart of the nation but A knows what he wants. He wants a moving life. He wants water in the form of river, wave and ocean and not the one which is filled up in a bucket or swimming pool- just to remain stagnant until not changed or touched. :-)

P.S.: Friends, keep your life moving continuously... Fall... get hurt.... All is fine.. But stopping your life is like almost dying. And we are given a birth to live and build a legacy.. Not to waste it in resting and day-dreaming.. 



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