23 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Even if you are a Participant, Pray for the Best One to Win!!!

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            Hello! Once again! :-) Is pakne aur pakaane k safar mein ek baar fir aap subka swagat hai. Haha! Life is changing its phase. Its becoming happier. But by circumstances or situations? No. By thoughts and its process. It always changes magnitude of mood and the proficiency with which the mind works. I am always subjective to myself and then the people around me. A race is always there in life. Though I prefer the one with myself. Neither the achievement of someone makes me jealous nor the failure of someone makes me happy. Whatever happens to me is by what happens with me. I am so self-obsessed, right? Right! :-) But don't you think that there comes a time or there should come a time when one should start believing that someone else deserves better than what we achieve? No? How rude! :-) Yes, for me, it should. All of us know the amount of effort and struggle we put into things that are for our benefits. We know the consequences of efforts and also its side-effects. Yes, in the case if you don't sleep and only put efforts for your targets. :-) 

             There has been many a times when I used to hear people often saying in Reality shows and some other shows on television "May the best candidate win" even when they were themselves willing to win. I used to feel surprised. I always felt that these people just want to cast their good image in the minds of audience. And they genuinely don't wish any good for anyone. But one incident strikes me now while talking on this topic. No reality show has been as cool as Indian Idol Season 1. It has been the most passionate show for people till date. Everyone, almost everyone, was fan of Rahul Vaidya. Everyone made him an unofficial winner in their hearts. In the final 2 selection week when Rahul Vaidya was being eliminated from the show and then Abhijeet Sawant was being told that he has made it into Top 2 Finalist, he didn't rejoice a bit. He came and just sat on the seat. Even Amit Sana came to know that he is been finalized, he celebrated it over the top through his gestures. 

            Later when Abhijeet Sawant was asked to speak something, he just cried and said "Rahul deserved to be here and not me". Everyone was shocked. It was a genuine comment. He judged the show and the scenario from a 3rd person's perspective and he found that Rahul Vaidya deserved more. And this good attitude made him people's favorite then which also is a big part in making him win the show. He didn't think selflessly. This is what happens when you start admiring someone. And with me it generally happens when I know the condition and situation one is in. If ever I know that someone needs the same spot as badly as me. And if I know that his conditions need the spot more than mine, I definitely feel that "Let the best candidate get it". There's no use of winning something if you know that you could have lived even by losing it while another is finding it hard to even survive as winning the particular trophy was a hope of life line to him. And this is not about feeling for humanity but this comes from within. It tells you how good a human being you are.

            In school, we never like any of our friends scoring more than us or we never wish anyone to do better than us because our parents fill our mind with lot of competitiveness then. This is the worst part about parents that I feel. I don't know about other countries but in our India, parents never teach their kids to pray for someone else to achieve what they are also racing for just because someone else needs it more than you. The day parents will start implementing this procedure of teaching their children about how to wish for others too, children will start performing much better as there would be no envy, jealousy, competitiveness among each other. Everyone would turn helpful and less competitive. A kind of brotherhood could have been there among each other even during school days. But even after coming to college or in job, if you don't feel the same, please go for a reality check. You need one. If you have never prayed, wished or wanted someone else to win the race in spite of you even when you are yourself a participant then you have not still understood the dynamism of life. Do learn it. Wish for others when they deserve something more than you; also when they need something desperately while you don't. Please. There's nothing much better than being a good human being.
           If you can't respect someone else's aim and dream and if you can't respect their success, you don't deserve to be successful. Even if time is favoring you today, tomorrow you will be surely shown the door towards failure. And you never know when the time might change for you. Time favors no one if one tends to be slightly out-of-the-mark. Remember this. You are never the best person to win a race until and unless you are the most passionate out of all the contestants running with you. if anyone else who have done better than you is also with you, remember, you should run to win the race but keep in mind, if the best person isn't winning it, you does not become the Champion. He even after losing remains to be Champion, it's just that it was your day today and not his. 

Izzatein shohratein chahatein ulfatein
koi bhi cheez duniya mein rehti nahiin
aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur thaa .. aaj main hoon jahaan kal koi aur thaa
Ye bhi ek daur hai woh bhi ek daur tha..... 
[I heard it in one of Rajesh Khanna's speech]



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