18 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Out of Many Things, We always FAIL only in ONE!!! Yes!!!

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            Go to a seashore. Try to experience a scenery when Sun is ready to set in the end of the day. You will love the whole euphoria that the God creates when he asks Moon to take over the responsibility for the second half of a day. When you will see the settling sun, before it you will find an endless whirlpool of water, still, wavy and yet flowing. You will see the water spread for miles and you can never cover the whole area by walking or running even if you think to try it. Then you feel that how small you are in comparison to this World. You start feeling how tiny you and your life is in comparison to this vast Endless Earth. I have a habit of watching sky whenever I am out of my home during the dark. I see lots of stars and some unblinking planets and other rocks in the sky which appears as a dot to me. This makes me think that how big an Universe is, how small a part of it is- is our Earth and how small am I, in comparison to this planet which is itself an Universe for me. On a serious note, this small we and our lives, individually, are.

             Then why do we make big issues out of it? Already we have seen that we are such a tiny element in this Universe, that we are not even visible to other planets or even considering only the Earth, how tiny we seemed to be when the sun was settling, right? Then, why don't we understand that we are no one to control this world? It's impossible for us to stop the periodicity of the nature. What we have in our control is we, ourselves. We are so tiny that no one will even try to look out for us. We, ourselves, know that we are also in existence in this big world. We have an identity. Others don't. Everyday I catch local train, how many people knows me in my coach itself? No one. Then why do I need to even care as to what will others think of me when I am in the times of judgement and recuperation? 

            When an autistic patient craves for someone's support, for him/her, the only world for him is the one who gives him support and care. Rest of the world is an immaterial to be ignored. We will have to think the same the moment we realize that the time has gone from our hands and we have failed miserably. If there's a chance to recheck our fault, we should and establish the faith in ourselves. But if have already lost the match and the time, as we know, can not be revived back, we will have to forget that thing rather than crying over it. People will judge us. They will say that we could have done better if we would not have indulged ourselves in other certain things. But how we lead ourselves is known only to us. Why to hear then of others? Why not give the speaker within us a chance to speak and heard? 

            We always feel that when we will fail we will handle it easily but we lose the grip of our feet from Earth once we find ourselves in the turbulence of wavy water that is in control of none but only nature and its creator. We will have to build our character strong so that even when the adversity touches the tangent of our life's circle, we can draw a perpendicular and change its direction. The arc will always be made to intersect the failure with our way but then, it is in our hands at what speed the rotation of the circle has to be accelerated at. Worst part about failing is that we start finding ourselves alone. Even when we would be standing among 1000 people, we will still not talk to anyone else but ourselves. Why? Why do we start isolating ourselves from the world? Who is the human being who has got this privilege of getting immortalized because of his perfection and always-positive result? Any? No!!!

            The epitome of Success such as Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan has also not given a single highlighted performance from last 2-3 years or so. They are been loved for the person they are. Yes. What did you read? They are been loved for the person they are. Be a good human being first. Once you are this, then your performance matters for others. Otherwise no one is interested in no one's success until and unless the successful person is a good human being. Just try to be correct in life in every step that you take. Never think about anyone else as if they are just for the sake of utility and not for an emotional connect. Build affection among yourself and others. This will help you generate relationships. And if some relationships aren't favoring goodwill in life, say them bye for ever. And get back to work.

           Out of many things that we are in life, we always fail only in one. And its rare occasion that we are failure in 2 or more things that we are. If you have failed in academics, remember, you are still a good child, good friend, good parents, good dancer or whatever you are, have good sense of humour etc. If you failed as a friend remember, you are still good at other things mentioned above in the list including academics and excluding good friend. :-) So, out of many things that you are, you will always fail in one. So when you are prescribed medicine for only one treatment, why call your whole body a waste and weak? Why can't we stay happy for other parts that we are good and average in? Let's focus on them for few days more than failure. Let's keep our life normal even when one out of 10 important things doesn't do well. We still have other things to keep them the way they are. Let's get involved in them for some days and return back on time to retain what we lost recently. :-) 



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