17 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Who Sucks? STUDENTS or EDUCATION SYSTEM?? by Gaurav Dashputra!!!


Mr. Gaurav Dashputra is one of the rare writers who reside in Navi Mumbai. His debut novel "And Then It Rained" is running successfully in the market. I, being from the same area, get the privilege to meet him and talk about our literary ideas. This time when I met him we discussed and he felt that he should contribute on this space. As decided, he will be posting his views on every Sunday. This is his third contribution.


A big Hi to everyone who is reading this. It has been a long and boring week for me. A lot of work has kept me occupied and with each passing day I have been feeling more and more mentally drained. It is 3 AM here in Mumbai and as I sit in front of my laptop writing this post, I feel like I am completely out of ideas and concepts to write about. A lot of things have been playing peek a boo in my head right now and I somehow have an uncontrollable urge to just to up to my roof top and scream out at the top of my voice into the universe. 

While all these things medically might indicate that I am having a mental breakdown, something within me suggests otherwise. And right now I can just seem to blame all my symptoms which comprise of – lethargy, lack of motivation, lack of inspiration and complete emotional distress on just one thing. And that one thing is the educational system of India. Being from the medical line I have over the past four and a half years read a lot of books that has helped me clear exams, both theory and vivas. But today as I think about it I feel that all that mugging has played a catalyst to the downfall of my creative self. Which makes me question – Is the way in which students of this country are treated justified? 

Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are four subjects that have been given immense importance in our country today. Everyone wants to become a doctor or an engineer so that we get financial security once our education is over. Everyone is running the rat race to earn money. But is that all there is to life? Every human being has his own mental capacity. No two people are alike. So why is it that the pressure to perform in exams is the same for every body. And why have sports, arts and literature taken a backseat in our country?

We learn everything in school. From science to languages.  From sports to arts. Then why it is that majority of the population is pushed towards a selected few branches? In 2012 over 6 lakh people appeared for IIT-JEE and the numbers of seats allotted were around 9600. The intake ratio for the medical field is worse. Who is to be blamed? Is it the schools for not providing quality education in other fields. Is it the parents for forcing their opinions on their children? Is it the students for not broadening their own spectrum of talent and interest? Or is it the system which can not provide us with enough institutions? 

We can blame anyone we want to but that is not going to change anything. The fact of the matter is that with all this we are producing mechanical beings who know just how to run to the sound of the trigger. The bullet is fired and we run. Run to get admissions, run to finish our education, run to get jobs, run to please others, run to start a family, run for our kids. And by the time we stop running and look back we have either quit the race or have become too old. 

Day in and day out our ability to appreciate life is deteriorating. Nothing seems to be eternal anymore. The music can’t be appreciated over one year. The movies are senseless. No one really has time to read, forget write. Relationships break within months. Love has become futile. Add to that things like corruption, poverty, crimes of passion and you have nothing but the end of humanity written all over it. 

Can we change? Maybe – maybe not. But today as I end my post I would like a make a promise to myself that at least I will make a change in my life and live it away from futility and do things that make me happy. 

After all as the great poet W H Davies has said – “What is this life if full of care? We Have no time to stand and stare. A poor life this if, full of care, We have no time to stand and stare.”

Until Later…Keep contemplating. 

Gaurav Dashputra!!!

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