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FOr One More Time by Ishita Bhown!!!


Miss Ishita Bhown is one of the youngest authoresses today. Her first book- "To Get Her" is already one of the favorite novels of youth. I have been her friend since her book released. I generally don't talk to authors but her humbleness is something that is to be complimented. She has promised to write on our Blog space every month on 13th. 


   I stepped out of the TOI building, holding my CV and the folder containing the certificates and other credits firmly in one hand and the brochure carrying details of the job profile in another. The interview had been satisfactory, I mentally calculated that there were fair chances of me landing up with this job as an editor in chief for the new magazine.I had managed to impress the panel, not just with my writings, but also by convincing them about my intellectual skills.
     As I stepped outside the office, the smile on my face was soon replaced by a frown. Yes, it was raining! Rains could be dreadful in this part of the city. I looked around to search for shelter, I could not afford to drench my only pair of formal attire, that I had exclusively bought for the interviews.
      God is gracious, and so was my luck today! The deserted reliance Timeout store, across the road held my attention. Without a second thought, I crossed the road and entered inside, planning to wait till the rain subsided. Such stores come to the rescue..I could spend hours at such stores, looking through the books and music albums, and yet not be stared questioningly by the store managers.
       I headed towards the books section- The last book of the Shiva trilogy had been released. I had been meaning to buy it. For me, books are fascinating, tempting and captivating. Without even waiting to acknowledge the smile and greeting offered by the store manager, I directly glanced towards the book rack and the new releases- mostly Indian authors and the chiclits .I was not interested in them - not anymore- my reading tastes had refined now- especially after college, after I met Sneha. Some people enter our lives and in a very short duration, they leave a remarkable impact. Sneha had been one such person for me. Like a refreshing breeze- that suddenly lifts up the mood and absorbs all the negativity.And like a breeze, she too had gone ..
I moved towards the 'classics' segment in the book corner. I had read almost all the authors in the past 4 years. Mitch Albom's 'For one more day' held my attention.
The title was interesting. I looked at the synopsis on the back cover and decided to buy it. It suddenly occurred to me, what if I had a chance to spend one more day with Sneha, would things be a bit different.I smiled at my own thought. Of course, in just one night she had changed me forever, one day could have made me an altogether different person..a lot better.She was an angel, out of sight, but never out of mind- unattainable, un reachable.
    As I scanned through the books, reading their titles one by one...I mentally smiled at the creativity of our young writers. "Mom says no girlfriend", " I loved an angel", " Someone worth dying for" and so on...the books that defined teenage romance.Each one thinking their story to be different, to be unique and worth sharing.
I recalled the debate competition where I had heard Sneha's sweet, yet confident voice for the first time, " Yes, the writing industry is witnessing a change, with so many younger talents getting published the level maybe degrading but readership is increasing."  She was cute. The moment she stepped down from the stage, I felt like inviting her for a cup of coffee. Beauty with brains was a term devised exclusively for her.
     My friends, who were noticing my expressions nudged me, "She is from LSR, no chance of hitting on her Dude! Raghav and Aakash too had tried on her yesterday, but she is arrogant.Won't even leave her group of girlfriends. Better try your luck with Keva,the hot Stephan's chic, I managed to get her phone number." Piyush winked and offered me the unasked information. He was an ass, but my closest friend in college. While I was busy in co-ordinating events for the 3 day inter college cultural Fest, Piyush was busy fishing for girls..despo!
I ignored him, and headed towards Sneha, who was now surrounded by her friends and their hugs and compliments.
"Excuse me Sneha, you did well!" i struggled to be audible among her girly gang. Her group of friends, suddenly got silent and glared at me, as if i had publicly kissed her! She just smiled.
"Thanks! you spoke against the topic, right?" she asked.
"Yes madame! So sorry to have negated your views! " i teased.
She laughed . "You too did well!" she said more out of courtesy.
"Oh, did I? You heard me?" I questioned...intending to start a conversation.
Her friends looked at me, and then at Sneha, they clearly wanted me to cut short the chitchat and take their friend away to canteen.
"Yes, i agreed to most of your points..in fact, till a few years ago, I too thought just like you..but now my reading tastes have changed." she started following her friends, who were already heading out of the hall.
" What are your tastes now?" i asked almost instantaneously.
She stopped, and signaled her friends to carry on, promising to join them in the canteen later.
From the corner of my eyes, i could see Piyush staring at me , with his mouth wide open.My jealous friends :-P
That was the moment that changed my eve, and the life thereafter..
Sneha told me about her favorite books, and how she did selective reading to refine her tastes.She pointed out that people call themselves voracious readers, only because they read a lot..but what actually matters is the kind of stuff that one reads.I was quite impressed by her observation. She made sense.
     I asked her the kind of books she read and noted down the names of her favourite books, i had not even heard about many of them.She told me the stories of some of the books that had influenced her..gradually we became comfortable with one another. I told her about the few books that i had enjoyed reading, she had already read most of them and thus we discussed their plots.
I was happy with the easy flow of our conversation.We spent nearly an hour in the hall, while other participants continued to put forth their views about the degrading standards of modern indian writing..( the topic of debate).
As the last participant concluded, and people started to dismiss from the hall, i invited her for a cup of coffee. Quite unexpectedly, she agreed.I was happy with my victory. I had succeeded in doing what Aakash and Rahul could not- to ask her out and talk to her.
I SMSed Piyush about my triumph, to which he replied back, "busy with Reva, ttyl" .
In the CCD outlet, I and Sneha discussed some more books that fascinated her and then our talks changed to the routine talk, about her college, her interests, the journey from Delhi till Kanpur, how she liked my college and its infrastructure.The more i talked to her,more i adored her.
She was simplicity personified- no words could completely define the charm she carried and the grace she radiated.
I offered to show her my college campus and took her for a walk. This clearly was the best evening in this dull and monotonus life. I was refreshed by the energy and positivity that spilled out of her.
It was almost 4 in the morning, nearly 5-6 hours we had spent together., yet the time appeared to be still.both of us were sleepy.
When i accompanied her till the gate of the dorm where she was staying, while shaking hands and bidding her a adieu, i asked for her mobile number.To my amazement , she declined.
I thought she was joking, we had been talking like friends for so long and she knew i was trustworthy and a decent chap, yet her reluctance to share her contact details shocked me.
I felt bad. Being a guy with self respect, i thought it was inappropriate to ask again, and so i scribbled my number on a piece of paper and offered her.
She looked into my eyes, and smiled." It was nice talking to you Zico, but from this point, you go on your path and i shall follow mine. We will not keep in touch. I had a memorable evening, freely talking about everything and anything, discussing my favorite books and all, you made me comfortable and are a nice person.But, i am not a kind of person to make friends easily, especially after a single meeting.So our ways part away.Goodnight. "
She left. I was blank, she was not my lover , not even a girlfriend or friend for that matter, yet it pained to let her go. I had greatly enjoyed her company.I felt obligated to respect her decision,I had no choice anyways.
For many days to follow, i tried searching her on social networking sites, but in vain. Piyush suggested me to contact other LSR girls and fetch her details, but i was not convinced. She didnot want to stay in touch, and i didnot want to force her for friendship.
Whenever i missed her, i read one of the books that she mentioned, and gradually i knew what "taste of reading" she referred to.
Thanks to her, in the past 4 years, i had read a lot and now i could call myself a voracious reader.
I checked out from the glass window, the rain had subsided.I had to leave the store now. i could still not find the Siva triology book and so picked up Mitch Albom and headed towards the billing counter.
Suddenly the glass door opened, and a girl entered the store.
"Is the Oath of the Vayuputra's available? " The girl asked at the billing desk,without even looking at the person, she was busy  fiddling along the contents of her handbag.
The cashier declined, She was apparently in a hurry as she dashed towards the exit  without even looking up.
I took no time in recognizing the face. She hadn't changed at all.
I almost followed her instinctively- but then suddenly i froze.
Her words .."you go on your path, and i will go on mine" echoed in my brain.
She was in a hurry too..I did not wish to engage her in another conversation..which could last for another 5-6 hours, like the previous time and change me forever.
I smiled at the coincidence and bought my copy of "For one more Day".


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Unknown said...

Seriously the story cud have been better....i mean not a fairy tale but everybody should have their chance and may be for"ONE more TIME"

Unknown said...

Seriously the story cud have been better....i mean not a fairy tale but everybody should have their chance and may be for"ONE more TIME"

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