18 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

What when a family member fails?? ACCEPT or REJECT Him??

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             When one fails, what one expects is to get support from everyone who is around him/her. He does not know whether the coming environment would be suiting his demands, desires, vision or mission but he certainly knows that he can do well once again if he has the support of his family. If family supports, one tends to do well. He gets the courage to carve a way out of the mountains. Nothing is impossible in this world if one starts believing him/herself even in the times when people think that the certain target can not be achieved as one is being pulled back by an extensive margin. But any of the family members standing with the victim of failure can give him the strength to even move his Earth from its axis by centimeters. The universe starts calling him towards success. All the planets starts rotating and revolving according to his hard efforts rather than what his/her astrologer says. This is the incredibility that one experiences when a family stands aside during hard times.

             But in this world of expectations and desires, one only salutes the person whose graph goes up and up and up but does not even considers a person who fails tremendously, again and again. Even if one fails once, some people predict whole future of the being and boycotts the person without even thinking that he may stand again with the support. When a person in his/her business does not do well, the only thing that his mind doubts is if his family would accept him in the state of liabilities and loans. Because till the time the profit was being given at home, all the brothers and relatives saluted the person. But the day he tells at home that the business is not doing well anymore, his family members start disrespecting him. Even the food is not given to him properly considering that he is of no use anymore. This is what should not happen. Support has to be kept with.

             When a man is being expelled from his job, he does not feel bad about his failure but for his family. He knows that this will effect his wife, children and parents. He comes home and tells everyone that I am being thrown away from the company because I was not up to the mark or a recession has just crept in. In most cases, wife first starts talking about the good for 5-10 minutes but later on, she starts taunting and cursing him to take the job lightly when all was good. Suddenly the children who used to take their Father as their hero and inspiration starts ignoring him as they feel that he has lost whatever he had in life and now why should we waste our bit of time over him. They forget the way he brought them up and gave them the education that many are still craving for. But only if the treatment would have been normal, the man would have felt better and after few hours, he would have started applying for other jobs on line with the help of his children. 

              When a child fails in his academic exam, parents start blaming him for everything that he did in last 6 months during the semester. What he/she didn't do also gets added in the list. The face of the child becomes the sin for their parents. They start cursing him for even taking birth in their house. They are being compared to other siblings/cousins/friends which worsen the mental state of the child who is already facing a trauma. Brother/sister starts making fun on him/her. At last, the person switches his cell off and sits in his bedroom doing nothing but cursing himself for letting everyone down. He loses the confidence to do anything else in life. He wants to run away from his home now. Or to hang himself to death. He wants his family to stay happy henceforth. Because that is what is been shown to him when he displayed his failed result at home that he is the one who's doing no good in the family. Hence students take steps which kills them. ALARM!!! 

            If everyone would understand that the person is the same only his/her performance or deeds have changed, even that will get back to the subject soon. One should not lose the hope and blame the person. It is easy. Rather than that if the support would have been given, everything could be well and good. Failing is not a big issue until and unless one is not quitting. Because once the quitting statement is being used, the result of the whole life can be understood. If you are a part of your family, understand, you are not only to share a bit of cake when a celebration takes place at home, you are also responsible to make the person feel good who is not feeling good about him/herself. Rather than ignoring and taunting the person, tell him what importance he/she plays in your life. Directly or indirectly. Tomorrow when he'll succeed, you will become the lifeline of his life and being someone's lifeline is world's biggest achievement. Please don't disrespect failed person. Even he was successful a minute before the latest result got displayed. And you never know what your result would be like.... 



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Saurabh Chawla said...

absolutely agree with you here friend :) one should not be afraid of failures is my mantra. As this world's top people are the best examples. They failed many many times but never gave up and thats what is needed :)

Writing Buddha said...

Exactly, Saurabh sir. :-)

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