3 April 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Not Every Friend Circle Takes us to the Right Corner!!!

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             All of us saw Sanjay Dutt shattering and breaking down today in the special screening. A man of his stature, physique, strength could not deal with something that has come in his life uncertainly. A man like him also got solace in his sister's arm. He hugged her and cried a lot. Though the moment was sympathetic but should we grant this allocation to the person who has been a part of Mumbai Bomb Blast? Though he says that he is innocent but which public figure would say that he/she has been a part of something which is as heinous and criminal as this? Something that he did 20 years ago has started haunting him now. He has just one month to rejoice his life after which he has to rot in jail for next 3.5 years. And once a person comes back from jail, loses all his energy and will power. He starts feeling under confident about everything that he used to do with excellence once. By the time Sanjay Dutt would be coming out of the jail, he would be 57 years old and almost the last ages of his working life would be finished. His children will grow old and everything related to him will change by heaps and bounds. For the same unwary reasons, Salman Khan is not even marrying. Even he knows that he can be jailed anytime. 

             Considering their cases, mainly Sanjay Dutt's... you will find that he got trapped in this web because of bad company or friendship. The bad habits and alcoholism also plays its part. He did all this when he was 30-35 years old- the age at which generally a middle-class average person gets matured and understands what's good and bad. This boy being a son of a luxurious family didn't think much about his life because he got every thing easily. A bad company or the union with wrong friends/people always makes you suffer. I remember the amount of times I visited Principal's office in school. Except once or twice, it was always because the group of which I was a part of was involved in all kinds of mastis and hullabaloo. 

              When you feel like doing something that's not appropriate, a friend has to stop you. If he stops that means he is with you and not your fun. And the friends who get entertained by your simplicity are the real friends else the ones who get entertained only by the fun activities that you do are the ones who are demanding nature to make a fun of yours so that they can laugh more. Every time you get into a company that asks for hang-outs, drink parties, night-outs and other addictive activities regularly, do analyze the moment and the friendship. I am telling you. The moment when we experience all these is the golden moment at that point of time but later on when you realize that you are been trapped in their group and their heinous activities that they do except partying around, it will be too late to get back to the smooth life you were in. Once in a half year, its good to enjoy the life to the fullest but something on daily basis is just dragging you to something bad that you can't see but its all around you.

               If Sanjay Dutt would not have befriended those Dons and Shooters of Mumbai, he would have been safe today. But because he was involved with them, he got stuck in this shameful crime while the main mastermind is roaming free on the Earth. Even when Mika kissed Rakhi Sawant forcibly, it was clearly evident in the video that his friends provoked him to do. That one case has spoiled Mika's name up to the extent at which even when he performs the best in any year still doesn't get  the tag "Legend" by us. We take him casually. Always keep a check that who are the people you are roaming these days with or getting close to. If you feel that the person is little dominating or does not let you do what you like, get away from such group. Though initially it would be hard but later on you will realize that one step of your life has kept every thing stable otherwise you would have been stuck in the same case in which they are struggling today. 

             Friends are a good part of life but not the best until and unless they are not better human beings than you. That's all I felt like saying after seeing Sanjay Dutt shatter today in front of the world. That's because of a wrong Friendship. Be aware, alert and safe.


P.S.: This post was written 4-5 days back. Sorry for the delay in publishing. It happens sometimes. Sorry.


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Dowdy gal said...

It's better to steer clear of such friends who may waylaid us. Moreover such friends may try to forcefully impose their ideas onto us. Nicely put.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Dowdy gal...

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