18 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Who moved my Cheese? Cheese itself? Then let it move on.. :-)

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            Strange! Things that are good will turn worst was never into our expectations or doubts. We always feel that the certain things are meant to be on the specific locations but the moment we realize that the control over the things have been lost and the dis-allocation has begun, we get scared of what the future would be. The biggest problem that we face is the trauma we have within us. I remember a book that I read "Who Moved My Cheese?", it was a very short book which one can read and keep away in just 30 minutes. It had a very good narration and indirect message as to how we lose our control when our thing gets lost or someone takes it away from us. And it also tells how we can ignore the happenings and build a new cheese/thing for ourselves. For a small child the book is an adventurous story book while for someone as mature as you and me, it is a plethora of philosophy. I suggest all of you to read it if you are scared of losing someone or something that you think is only yours or you are very possessive about it.

            While working we get accustomed to certain appreciations and position that we hold. We love the attention that we get. We give our best to the particular thing/person. We like our cheese to be with us. But there comes a time when our cheese starts getting farther from us and we are left with nothing but loneliness. We have to stay strong during such incidents. If we will break ourselves, we can never show the world that we are capable of much more; its just that the time favored someone else because he put more in it than us. But this I am talking in regards when your cheese is your job position or your position in academics. But when it is related to a person or persons, the only thing is that we should accept rejection and reject acceptance. We will have to learn this or anyone can use us as a Punching Bag and move ahead. We should not let this happen with us. Life is been given to us by parents and the only person who should be eligible to hurt us is our parents. Anyone else doing it is the proof of the weaknesses that still persists within us. We have to overcome everything and think about ourselves. How can we love someone else more than ourselves? Even we are a human being like him/her or them, right? Why should we hurt ourselves? WHY? 

           Many of us don't leave someone because we feel that the person has been good to us in our bad times or the moments passed with him has been a golden period of our life. We are scared that we won't get anyone better than him/her ever and thus we continue to stay with them even when we see that our self-respect and ego is being killed every minute. How can you kill a part of yours for someone who doesn't even care about your feelings? Leave the caring part, if a person does not understand you, he only deserves to be in your Facebook contacts and not over it. And meri maane toh, they don't deserve a place even in our virtual friend list or circle. Every time, we start loving or liking someone, it is because of the good moments they have given to us in our life. But a relationship breaks only when it reaches a height at which we get to see the real face, behaviour and attitude of the person. So to know whether the person deserves to be in our life or not, a relationship has to go up to that height. So don't think that because the relationship has been so wonderful, it should be given a chance or multiples. Break it. Only when you will let this one go, you will get a new better one in your life. Past speaks the same. And so do the experiences of many.

            Let me give an example. When a father/brother rapes a girl, does she forgives them or she moves ahead and lodge a complain against him? She moves ahead, right? Then she does not care about the love that she has been getting from him since birth. She just breaks all the relationship that they share for that heinous moment that she had to go through because of them. Even if he pleads to forgive him, she does not listen. For her, it is over. And after that, she feels bad for sometime because her soul has been ruined with the power of lust but later on, life teaches her to survive, then live and then smile. She gets back to her work with the same spirit. And after it, she never lets anyone hurt her. Every time, a person comes in life and starts judging her or testing her, she directly asks the person to move away and never come closer. This is how the relationship with anyone has to be dealt with. Take only up to a level and after that, be gutsy and throw the relationship away.

             If you will keep dragging the relationship just for the sake of those moments that are been shared together, you are doing wrong with the concept. Even Sita had to leave Lord Rama and Earth after a level of judgment and injustice. She knew she was right and she preferred to leave rather than staying once again with Rama just like the last time when the same Agnee-pariksha was used to test her purity. Every day, we find the ambitious people breaking relationship with many of their friends, partners, brothers etc. Why? Because they love themselves more than the shit relationships they are in. They value their life and happiness than the unwanted tension that the certain relationship starts giving after a point of time. I know that it takes time for a human being to cope up with a loss of a relationship but on any day, its better to lose the relationship than losing our self, right? So take the step now without thinking twice. :-)



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