19 March 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

Sometimes Failure is what Our Life Needs!!!

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             Who does not want life to go smoother and crispier? I surely want my life to be one with all the luxuries, money and every thing that I would be needing to lead a life of fulfilling desires and conversion of dreams into reality. But does life remains to be the same for all the time till its with us? Certainly not. Even in the childhood when we used to do something that wasn't right for us, we tried to hide it from our parents. But not every time we turned successful in hiding it from them. There always came a day when they got familiar with what wrong-doings we have been into. They scolded us, beat us and didn't talk to us for a day or two. They made us study all time as punishment and didn't let us go out to play for a week or so. How bad those days used to be when parents used to give us punishment for doing something which we should not have done. That moment used to be the toughest for us. We hated our parents the most and craved for our best friend. But once that period used to go and the life that we lead used to come back, we celebrated it more than before.

            This is what punishments and failure teaches us. It teaches us the pleasure that we get when everything is fine with us. It teaches us that every thing that we want is what he already had but we didn't care about it then because of which we have to face this moment by losing it. But should we sit and watch the thing going away from us? No. Our life is the best. We shouldn't let it get wasted in passing time, Facebooking, flirting, hanging-out, craving for a love partner etc. Instead we should try to re-position ourselves at the same spot where we already were. And once we are there, we should crave for much higher targets. It might happen that you may reach a very good target and fall even below than the one which you were already sitting at. Then you might analyze the situation and say that its better to be at mediocrity than to crave for excellence. That's where we go wrong.

             Risk is what has to be taken in this game of Success and Failure. If it works, you get what you dream of. If it does not, you come to know where you lacked or how much more you need to give to achieve your target. And you know what.. Success is what makes you popular among your group or friends. Once you fail, you become a point of gossip. Everyone likes to talk about your life because they feel it very interesting to witness a screen play of a movie-kind in their real life with someone who is so close to them. They will judge you. They will tell you at what places you were wrong when you were in the journey of touching your target. Once they considered you the best and the one as a true guide but today, they tell you how to move further with the same thing. You get to know during failure the real faces of everyone who is around you. You are left alone. And when you are alone, you talk to yourself. And then the died part of yours which gets lost in the current thoughts and day-to-day masti, talks to you. I am talking these days with myself. :-)

               People will always take your Success with them but the Failure remains with us. Through your Success, people will take inspiration from you. At your success, people will discuss with many around them about how you achieved heights in spite of the situations that didn't guarantee luck. But when you fail, people don't want to introduce you. They want you to stay away from them until and unless you don't get to the same position where you were. Therefore, its Failure that teaches us. Because then we discuss with ourselves as to how to approach the hard-work again. While being successful, we just move with the flow of moment. We fail to talk to ourselves. Our feet starts leaving Earth in the amount of happiness that God keeps blessing us with. But once Failure dawns upon us, we realize what all are still incomplete in our lives. And then we decide that once we get to the position where we stood, we will also give these certain things a consideration too.

             During Failure, we start believing in certain superstitions. We start blaming almost every wrong- big or small that we did when all was fine. And we say that this is what God has punished us for. WRONG!!! Instead we should thank God. When we watch Cricket Match, do we like when it's all One-sided or we love the match when we find our team and the opposition both fighting back with the same momentum and spirit? Though that nail biting moment is something we don't love when its on but once the result of the game is announced, we appreciate the competitive match. Even when our team loses, we look at them with respect without abusing which we often do when they lose. :-) This is how we should look ourselves too. We only fail when the target is competitive. Because achieving easier targets is what anyone can achieve. And do you like such a simple life where you always achieve a target without failing some times? Come on. 

            Failing should give a satisfaction that at least we are on right path. At least we are into something that's challenging in life. And during the time of Failure, talk with yourself. You will get to know the treatment which you'll get from everyone around you. Then you get to know who really are feeling bad for you and who are faking around. Currently, I am almost in the same state where I have lost a game I was playing. I don't know what's the margin between my performance and the performance that is needed to win the game but whatever, I am taking this whole scenario which will be with me for next few months I guess. This will make me see every thing that has been invisible to me yet. And I am enjoying this new door that God has opened for me. I have understood a lesson already- Shortcut is not meant for me. I always get what I need through real hard-work. Though my wings have been cut but I am prepared to fly back. Currently, I am working on how to grow my wings so that the flying can be begun once again. And Yes, I have promised myself that I will still not settle for Mediocrity, my eyes will still stay on Excellence. :-) Because I know, Success always starts with a Failure. And I have myself experienced it. 



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