6 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

NOW THAT YOU'RE RICH ..Let's Fall In Love! by Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja !!!

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        Recently, I saw a movie named Shaitan. The movie said that each person, either good or bad, has a Shaitan in himself/herself. Even the good characters ended in doing something which was unacceptable. I read Durjoy Dutta's and Maanvi Ahuja's Now That You're Rich Let's Fall in Love! where I found the same kind of characters. Having Durjoy Dutta in my Facebook account, I always found him uploading pics with beautiful girls and traveling to new places. I always think that how does this writer get time to think about a story and then convert it into a book? He is so fun-loving guy that its hard for such person to sit and write a whole book without getting distracted. I am also puzzled that why Durjoy chose to write books with a co-author and why not alone. By the way, I read the first book by this duo - Of Course I love you till I find someone better and the book shocked me because the way the story was treated, it seemed to be real and very close to you. Same happens with this book too.

             Now that you're rich is all about four distinct personalities with different backgrounds. How they join a job, under what circumstances they have gone under in their complicated life and how they move forward. All of them meet each other in this company - Silversman and they get good friends they had been searching from days. They get together and start working as the work pressure is more than enough. Abhi gets committed with Garima - the girl who was in depression from a long time but after meeting these friends, she started living life with smile and fun. Saurav gets committed with Riya (Abhi's ex) which isolates him from this friend circle and he chose to be with Riya rather than facing Abhi. Shruti is left alone as everyone gets committed and she chose to spend time working in office under his boss- Dinesh. All the friends misapprehend her and think that she slept with him for saving her job and everyone leaves her too. In the end, after all types of hullabaloo and unpredictability, all the four friends patch up again and like most of the good stories - They lived happily ever after.

            Coming to the review, I liked the author's way of defining each character with a chapter briefly. It helps you to relate with the characters. The story is chosen with lots of brainstorming which helps you to understand the problem of the four guys and the work pressure they had. The entry of Deb and Avantika is made at the right time and the author continue his Brand - Deb-Avantika. ;-) Durjoy Dutta and Maanvi Ahuja has the power of creating such character that you will feel that you have already met them and know about them more than these authors know. This is why Durjoy Dutta has become the next big thing after Chetan Bhagat in the world of Fictions. As the synopsis of the book says, it is based on real life stories, it seriously do because there is no segment where you feel that authors are exaggerating it and making it too-much-of-fiction. The second part of the book is quite refreshing and that is when you start reading faster to know what happens next. There are many books where the story keeps flowing and nothing happens in the whole book and the real story starts when the last 10 pages of the book are left. But Now That You're Rich has many turn-around periodically which keeps you intrigued into the book. I will rate this one - 3.5 out of 5. I liked it. I hope you will like it too.



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Anu Lal said...

Once again Abhilash, you made my day. Thank you for your review on this book. The title itself seems to offer a promising reading. thanks man.

Anonymous said...

interesting book,

Waiting for Durjoy's upcoming book his fifth one


Anonymous said...

Interesting review and I liked the name of the book. So real.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

sounds an interesting read :)

Writing Buddha said...

So happy to read your words Anulal ji.. Thanks a lot for motivating me

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Vijay. After reading this one, even im waiting

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Chintan.. do read this one.

Writing Buddha said...

Yes SUB, it is

Unknown said...

anybudy has its pdf??

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