28 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

He may not be the BEST, but for me - He Is PERFECT !!!

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My dear dad
        Expectations are always there with the person you love the most. You never expect anything from your enemy or from a stranger. Hopes are made on the people whom you admire the most. My father has always expected and hoped a lot from me. He always wants me to excel in everything I attempt. His life has been struggling and he don't want his only child to face those circumstances of depression and sorrow in his future. He always try to suggest me the path with less risk and more chances to win. When I tell him that I want to be a Writer and Columnist, he turns pale white because he knows that its a very big dream which is hard to achieve as its 1 in 1,00,000 who become successful in achieving such a dream which is quite fancy and huge. Today, my father is celebrating his 51st Birthday. I am the first one who wished him on this lucky day and prayed God that he remains as he is. 

            My father has the same smile he had when I was in school.
            My father has the same strength to work and earn he had when I was in school.
            My father has the same love for me and my mother he had when I was in school.
            My father is still fit and charming as he was when I was in school.
            My father still takes care of me as he used to when I was in school.
            My father tells me about new thing as he did when I was in school.
            My father is still passionate about teaching me what I don't know as he was when I was in school.
            My father still cries after scolding me badly like he used to after beating me when I was in school.
            Today, I am in college, I have changed but my father is still the same as he was when I was in school. :-) 

               My father lost confidence on me for number of times because I failed in many things and proved that I am one of those boys who has nothing to do with life. But he kept insisting me to attempt new things in life. I remember the time when I lost interest in reading novels. I was a die-hard fan of reading books when I was in school. I was in 11th standard when I said to him that I want a book of Robin Sharma. He asked me where will you get it from. I said,"Nashik Railway station." He said,"Lets go". At last, he purchased that book for me even when he didn't wanted to waste any more money on me because I wasn't giving any outcome. I am happy that he bought that book for me that day because that book urged me to read other books of Robin Sharma and I completed reading all the 9 books from him in next 3 months. It motivated me so much that I came out of depression and changed my life and attitude after that. I stopped blaming and excusing by pointing everything at destiny. I started viewing everything as I can change it myself even if God has already scripted my life. And I still believe that I have changed the script what God wrote for me. I have given a totally new ending to my story. I hope God is happy and smug with my performance. It is all because of that positive attitude my father kept while purchasing those books of Robin Sharma for me. 

              Every boy wants his mother to be safe, secure, happy and satisfied. I respect my father because he always provided my mother with all the comforts even after he was broken up with lots of failures in his life. He never let my mother face the worst scenarios even when he could have easily left her to struggle life with him. Its an another thing that my mother chose to struggle. My father has always taught me to respect money and life rather than spending them as you have plenty of them with you. He says that Once money goes, everything goes and once life is over, you can't rewind it and overwrite it with goodness and success. The lessons I learn from my father works a lot in life. He has always suggested something or the another for my Blogs too and it has helped me to grow myself as a Writer and it is because of him that I have tried different genres here. Otherwise I limited myself to write only about my daily routines and experiences of life. Today, I attempt many versatile writings and people appreciate it and I always remember those words of my father which made me realize that how stupid I was when I used to tell people how was my day in college and what are my plans in life. Ufff. Now I know that no one is interested about knowing about me or anyone. 

             On his 51st Birthday, I would pray for my father that he is blessed with a long and healthy life. I want my father to smile every time. I don't like to see him in tension of professional life or anything. Whenever I go to Sai Baba temple near my home, I always pray for my father's success because usme mera hi faayda hai. Hahaha. Wishing my father a very happy birthday once again. He may not be the best father of this world but for me, he is perfect. I never thought of anyone else as a better father for me than him. I love you papa because you are still the same with whom I played in my childhood. And thanks for being playful even now. :-)



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piyush ladia said...

abhilash bhai.....this has to be one of ur most exemplary writings.....i know this article has some sentimental values attached toh it....but yes well done!!!!!!!!a must read!

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. Thanks for your beautiful words Piyush. I am happy that u liked it.. Thanks a lot.

Anu Lal said...

Very touching post!

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks sir.

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