26 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Kya Aap Do Minute Ke Liye Hamare Product Ka Demo Dekhenge?

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         It was after 2 years that my friend Ravi bhai was coming to my home. I was excited that I'll meet him after a very long time. But the last conversation I had with him was still haunting my mind. We were having a talk when he said,"Veeru, tu dekhna main tujhe Crorepati banane aa raha hun." I was surprised to hear him say that. Ravi was a boy from village. His father was a farmer. He was studying in Nashik with 2 sets of cloths and just 1 underwear. For the whole day, he used to wear it and the whole night he used to be without it. He used to wash it in evening and put it in the balcony for drying it. The next morning, the same underwear rocked for the whole day. I am still in sympathy with that underwear which dared to bear that 100 gram of instrument Ravi had. Seriously speaking, this farmer people have bigger groan. Not that I have checked everyone's but I have a mindset k aisa hi hota hai. Ok. Off-track ho gaya. So, I was waiting for him eagerly that aisa kya hai jo mujhe Crorepati bana dega. He stepped in my home on 4th June,2009.

            We talked about our two years when we didn't met each other and we didn't talked anything else except asking where-about of each other. After a while, he started. 
   "Veeru, you like building up new relations. Right?"
   "Yes bro. I like it very much." I was still wondering at which point this first sentence of Ravi is going to take me.
   "Do you like to talk in people?"
   "Yes bhai." I kept answering because I wanted to know the secret of being a Crorepati.
   "If I'll ask you to promote a company or a product, do you think you can?" 
   "Yes bhai. Its so easy." I said this because I performed in my school where we were asked to prepare an attractive advertisement for a product and I won the show.
   "Then I have a deal for you. You will have to fill this form and pay me 500 rupees. With this, you will be the part of our organization. After this, you'll never pay anything to us but we will pay you for promoting us and building the relations."
   I was confused because it was hard to believe that I'll be paid for building up the relations with others. Meri dosti, meri yaari, mera faayda. ye mujhe uska paisa kyun denge?
    "Bhai, justify what you said. I have understood nothing."
    "See. We have the products related to Cosmetics and Energy drinks and powders. The price of the item starts from 501 rs to 5001 rs. See this booklet and you'll get an overview of all the products and their specifications." He handed a waxy paged booklet to me. I started turning the pages. 
    He continued,"As soon as someone will join our organization by filling this form of 500 rs, we will give him the product of 1000 rs for free. After that, he will be provided 30% discount on all the products he will buy." It sounded cool.
    "As soon as you will be successful in adding two people below you, you will be promoted to the post of Assistant Manager." I, a boy who just passed his 12th after failing 11th twice was about to be an Assistant Manager of an organization. I could smell that there was something wrong about all this. But then the man like Ravi bhai can never push me in the fire.
    I asked,"Bhai, and how will I earn through this?"
    "See. Whenever you'll sell a product to someone without joining him to our organization, you will earn 30% of the MRP as we provide you the products with 30% Discount while you are selling him in MRP."
    I exclaimed,"Wow".
    "But bhai, isn't there a facility or a privilege of receiving a fixed amount every month?"
    "Yes. There is. The day you have 30 people under you who would be working regularly for our organization and at an average, if each of them sell 5000 rs product every month, you'll start getting cheque of 25,000 rupees per month plus commission." I was dumbstruck. 
            I picked up the form and filled it up. Picked up my wallet and handed 501 rs to Ravi bhai. He promised me that he will be there whenever I'll need him. After that, I started contacting all my friends and meeting them. I met their parent and I met their friends. I even insisted many friends to make their girlfriends come with them to my house so that I can show them the products and give them a demo. My friends gave dirty looks to me but it didn't affected me as I was mad to earn and I was dying to see the cheque of 25,000 rs. 
            After 6 months, I found that I wasted 55,000 rupees in buying those products as it was compulsory to buy a certain amount of product to continue with those discounts I got. I managed to add 8 friends below me. None of them were successful. Those 8 friends added 6 people below them. At last, a cheque of 899 rupees was delivered to me. I was disappointed. I called Ravi bhai and told him about my efforts and the amount of cheque I received. He replied that its genuine as he told me that I needed 30 people below me who would sell 5000 rs product every month and that would lead me towards 25,000 rs cheque every month. I started hating Ravi bhai after this. I stopped talking to him. I never attended his call after this. I was heart broken that he fooled me to join a bloody organization which paid 900 rupees after wasting 55,000 and pushing my body to visit 20 cities and give the demo to my friends and managing to add only 8 friends out of all. 

            That day I decided that I'll never join any kind of networking business again in my life. Networking business can isolate you from your friends. People start running away from you after you join a Networking business. Instead of talking about girls, you start talking about products with your friends. Your life turns into an addiction to have money which you don't get for a long time in Networking businesses. Today, whenever I see that there's someone who wants to meet me for giving a demo of a Networking business, I try to give the best excuse so that I don't have to bear those dreamy talks about lots of money after few months and few people working under me. Every person I have met in my life have been a victim of Network business. After being frustrated and being a victim of one more demo last week, I dropped down here to write this post. Sorry if I have touched the most painful nerve of yours by making you remember of your days when you knocked every door to give a demo of your product. And yes, that sentence still echo in my ears "Main tujhe Crorepati banane aa raha hun" Bhaag Bhaag Dk Bose Dk Bose Dk Bose DK Bhaag.

            Anyways, thanks.


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Vinayak said...

55,000 rupees o.O
very big amount... aapke parents ne kya bola ispe?

Writing Buddha said...

kya bolenge.. kiya kidhar maine.

Anonymous said...

nic blog abhilsh.

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Anonymous. but I wud have preferred ur name.

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