25 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Tera Ek Shabd usko Pighla Sakta Hai !!!

           448th BLOG -->>

       I left Roha(the small town where I lived in my childhood). I left Pune(where I lived in hostel for 7 months). I left Aurangabad(where I lived for next 8 months) and then I left Nashik(where I pursued my Junior college). I did nexus with many loving and over-friendly people who made my life. There were people who gave me the reason to smile and live cheerfully. I postponed all my works for these people. They used to give me importance and my lonely life used to feel proud of itself that it has started getting the respect and love it always needed. But as soon as I turned into friends with great people in all these places, I kept leaving every place after few months. This made me sad and I broke. I started cursing every person I met in my life. I started cursing my parent too because I always felt that its because of them I keep losing all the wonderful people I meet in my life. I started cursing my childhood friends that they are the one who turned me into such a human being who is even rejected by God now. 

             But I felt a change in me and my propensity towards life when I started thanking everyone for the short and small help they did for me. I never assessed any kind of flaws and mistakes in anyone after I decided that I'll try to be pragmatic and I'll respect every person I'll meet in my life. I had an Internet connection which was troubling me a lot. I used to abuse their customer care executives before that day but I started talking sincerely and politely to them after that and tried to solve my problems without building a situation where others may feel that we can thrash each other anytime. I started thanking them whenever they gave me a beautiful speed. I never thanked my mother for whatever she did for me because I always felt that she is my mother and every mother does these things for her child. But then, I compelled myself to approach her and say Thanks to her whenever she showed love to me in any way. I started thanking my father for all the opportunities he gave me in life. Without his approval, I can't take a single step towards a fruitful goal. So, I started thanking him too.

             I always think that friends are some people in our life who make me feel special in life but they are of no great use. I never respected my friends before. This was the first time I was about to call each of my friend and say that I loved them very much and I never had any kind of problem with them. I never knew the power of thanking before these incidents. I called up almost every friend who made me feel important in past and almost everyone of them came to Mumbai and met me after that. My friends started visiting me regularly. I started getting helps from strangers and new people in my surroundings. Whenever I was given a seat to sit in local train, i used to thank the person who gave it to me. Good done to one person is returned to you by another. I learned this. I never commented back to the people who posted a comment on my blog. After changing my thoughts, I started replying to everyone who commented on my blog and I saw the love in the reply of the readers after that. After starting this, my Blog found a space in this Blogging world otherwise I had less than 20 readers till then. We should never feel ashamed of thanking anyone. Even if you haven't thanked your parent till now, try to approach and thank them from tomorrow for every thing they do for you. If you haven't thanked your friends for being the wonderful people in your life, go thank them tomorrow. Don't do this through sending a SMS, do it by saying this on their face. And see the change. 

             I hope you have noticed that after each post, I write Thanks and then end it by writing my name. So, for the 448th time, I am thanking all of you again for being the best motivating and supporting reader of the world. I respect all of you. Without you, this blog would not have continued till now. Its still standing high after 2 years. Its because of your support and love. 




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Salman J said...

Keep On Movin Ahead Buddy !! :) Best Wishes :D

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sallu bhai jaan

Pri said...

well, yes...the world needs honest emotions like gratitude, thankfulness, peace and love.
Ive felt the power of this word too---many a times, with my own self as well as those around me :)

nice post!

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and yea, THANKS! ;)

Arpita Zala said...

ton of thnxxx to u:):)

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Pri and Arpita.

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