11 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ek Haar Aur Main Bekaar !!!

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        Once again the test match between India and England has started. Once again the Indians have started cursing their team for the poor performance. Gambhir played a good knock in the starting with 38 runs in his account and went back to the pavilion. Sehwag, Tendulkar and Dravid gave their worst. After all the batsmen were dismissed, our captain Dhoni came on the strike and no one expected anything from him as his batting performance has been very poor since many months (except World Cup Final). But amazingly, Dhoni started hitting right from the first ball. He smashed 10 FOURs and 3 SIX. Everyone was stunned to see the innings of Dhoni which ended at 77 runs. Many have started saying that Dhoni is back in form and he will do the same in second innings too. I hope that he starts playing wonderful knocks from here so that we get our "Dhoni Ne Dho Daala" waala Dhoni back. Everyone abuse Dhoni's batting now-a-days but in heart, everyone has a feeling that there was a time when this man used to hit and I used to love him the most. Am I right? 

            This is how the world reacts to you and your performance. When you are at your high, everyone comes and salute you but the day you fall, everyone is there to tell you a long list of your Bad and negative points. When Akshay Kumar gave five hits back to back in 2008, everyone started talking big about him. Everyone started saying that ab Teeno Khan ke gaayab hone ka samay aa gaya hai. But as soon as 2009 started and he flopped with Chandni Chowk To China, everyone is abusing him till today. This is how performance effect your image in society. Whenever Amitabh Bachchan delivers a Hit like Baghban, Black, Paa, people start talking about him and there are many headlines about how at this age of 68, Bachchan is at his peaks but as soon as he delivers a flop like Bbuddaah Hoga Tera Baap, people start talking about his bad choices and foolish works at this age. Its horrible to see the changing views. When Sachin Tendulkar was hitting back-to-back Centuries in Test Cricket earlier this year, everyone was praising him for his phenomenal cricket even after 21 years but now, as he is not doing anything greater in this Test series against England, all of us are first in queue to abuse him and guide to retire. Even I say it many a times on Twitter.  (I am ******)

             There should be a loyalty for the person in spite of his Ups and Downs in life. Something we see with A.R. Rehman. Even if he delivers a general music like any other music director, we praise him for all the soulful music he created otherwise. The loyalty can be seen for Madhuri Dikshit that people love her in spite of her flops. People are not ready to accept any other actress after her. The loyalty can also be seen with Sonu Nigam. People have forgotten Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan but even when Sonu Nigam is lost somewhere, people keep waiting for him to be back. Salman Khan's fan are loyal to him even if he delivers 5 flops back to back. These are the celebrities I am talking about but coming to our general life too, we can see such type of differences. If an uncle is working from last 15 years, everyone is fine and talks about his punctuality and sincerity but as soon as someone comes to know about his termination from the organization, people start talking about how useless he is and how irresponsible he has been from last few months regarding his job. When a student keeps performing well in his board exams, everyone talks about his hard work and how he spent sleepless nights for scoring those wonderful percentage in the boards but when people come to know about his Year Drop in Engineering, they start talking about his behaviour at home, the time when he came home late at nights, the kind of friends he has and his addiction for girls and drugs. 

            It is hard to survive even with a failure of a negligible amount. People may start pointing you for that one failure. I am happy for Dhoni that he proved he is a good batsman who still know how to hit SIXes and FOURs. I hope to see a good game of Cricket by him in coming years.



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Sohail mulani said...

Abhilash tine joh likha bahut sahi likha. Aur joh various example diye hai cricket ka ,student ka,music ka, hum b unpar kuch aise hi react karte hai... Idea acha tha..Abhilash tine joh likha bahut sahi likha. Aur joh various example diye hai cricket ka ,student ka,music ka, hum b unpar kuch aise hi react karte hai... Idea acha tha..

sm said...

nice post
bad times shows us who is a true friend

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

people make cricketers god, and then blame them for not playing like one...nice article

Writing Buddha said...


Writing Buddha said...

right, SM

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u SUB

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