27 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Ohh Yes, I Am Single..! And So Is My Girlfriend! by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi

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        So I finished reading a very very long story by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rustagi. The name of the book is "Ohh Yes I am Single .. And so is my Girlfriend!". I don't know how Durjoy Datta is so lucky to get a beautiful girl every time he is about to write a book. With this, I have read 3 books by Durjoy Datta and I would be completing one more book from him in this week itself. His 5th book is coming next month and I am all set to read it soon. I have turned into a big fan of this guy after Chetan Bhagat. I am happy that people did justice to him and his book. He writes same kinds of love story every time but he changes the approach of narration which makes it different each time he writes. 

            OYIAS is about a boy who isn't good looking in his school days but as soon as he steps out of school, there's a slight make-over in the looks and it is when the series of girlfriends begins. The story is about how he falls in love with many girls. And he tries to find out which is the real love which he should continue for long and which to dump. At last, he ends with Manika. He has a friend Siddharth whose love stories are no less than his. A break up with Natasha breaks Durjoy's hope for a good life ahead and he goes into depression. This is when Manika comes back in his life whom he dumped before starting the relationship with Natasha. Now, how Manika came back into his life, how she managed to come to live with Durjoy in spite of having a boyfriend she really loved, how she manages to bring Durjoy out of depression - Read this novel.

            Durjoy Datta has amazed me once again. His narration skills are awesome. Very different from all others. He fixes the plot so perfectly that you can never doubt that its a fictional story and you'll believe that its his true story. About this book, I am still doubtful whether its fiction or its a true story. And if its fiction, then I think I should learn from Durjoy how to connect a fictional story with the real life. I would suggest everyone of you to read all the books from Durjoy. But I have a problem with him. The title of his books has nothing to do with the matter in it. He keeps fancy title to attract youths but the story inside the cover page is totally different from the words inscribed on the Cover page. And this story is seriously very long. He could have made it short. It turns boring at places but still it wins in keeping you stick to it. I rate this book- 3.5/5. I am waiting to read his 3rd book and then the 5th book which is about to release.



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Anu Lal said...

Abhilash, Super cool post!!! I am not gonna buy this book though. :) thanks buddy!

Writing Buddha said...

Hey Anulal, u sud.... its worth reading.

Mahi S said...

i read his all 4 n waitn 4 d 5th one....
Gud work Abhilash all d best :) :)

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u dear Mahi

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