22 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak !!!

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       From last two days, my eyes are glued to the laptop screen and I have kept typing and searching something or the else. Even Google got tired and echoed "No result found" many-a-times. My fingers started abusing me and blamed God that why am I their master? My fingers want to take rest but I am the person who post more than 150 tweets everyday and write upto 800-1000 words daily. What I write in college is a fixed quota which is understood. Assignments is an addition to it. So I think my fingers are the most used fingers of the world. Ok. Stop using your dirty mind. I know that Finger made you think of something else. Uff. Everything happens for the first time once and this was the first time when I was searching something valuable related to my studies on the internet. I was feeling ashamed of myself because I was trying to fake my mind by asking it to behave like a sincere student even when my conscious wasn't sincere and pure. :-)

             I was been given an opportunity by my group members to prepare the First Synopsis of the Human Resource Management system (the project assigned to us). We have to create it in Visual basic application and use MS Access as Back-end. I know you didn't understood anything but don't worry, even I haven't understood anything about this. I always heard that Graduation is a big thing and after completing it and holding degree in your hand, you come to know what knowledge have you gained. I completed my two years of graduation by visiting malls, bunking lectures, making fun, laughing with friends, sitting in canteen, sleeping in class, talking slowly while teacher is teaching, staring girls etc. So I always thought that Graduation is just another class which ends after 3 years and there's nothing difficult or tough about it. But as soon as I stepped into 3rd year and the Project was announced, I got an adrenaline rush and I was about to faint when I saw other friends struggling to deal with the pain too. I thought, when all of us are on the same ship and no one knows how to save it, then what's the tension, let's sink into the river like all of them are going to. When we were asked to submit our Project name, that was the most toughest moment of my college life. I didn't knew how to create a software and they were asking me what software are you going to make and what features are you going to add. I was shocked and then I understood what Graduation is.

             Yesterday, while preparing the first Synopsis of my project, I was feeling as I am being raped by someone but still I am allowing them because they are going to pay me for that. Yes, they are going to throw marks as a bheek in return of the project. At last, I completed it last night. After completing the synopsis, I felt like I am the next king in the world of IT after Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Today, I donated my whole day to two assignments. I completed it right now @ 1 AM. After completing it and wasting my weekend, I was about to abuse the assignments when I realized that the struggle didn't end here. I was called to the college on Friday(on the day of Pateti when all the colleges and schools had holiday), Saturday(when our college has holidays but still we were called) and now I have to attend tomorrow on the day of Janmashtami too. I know Lord Krishna will never bless the people who aren't giving him importance. :-). I and my group member were creating a project on Cyber-cafe management system. We were rejected at the last moment when we didn't had any idea about any other project. At last, we ended up at HR Management System when someone said that its easy to find and edit. That period of time when we were rejected and we struggled to find out the name of an another project was the moment when I realized how tough and big Graduation is. 

              From here, I have my Unit test in the next week. Then Defaulter's. Then assignment will continue as they have always sucked all my patience and calmness. Then, many presentations to be given - Individual and Group. Till then, the next Unit test will be announced and as soon as it will end, big assignments and then Final exams. Project and its coding will keep *ucking us side by side. I don't know how to deal with all these tasks of college with the number of festivals coming too(one after another). I can taste the bitterness of Graduating and now I know the pleasure of holding degree in our hand after the hard struggle of 3 years. May God Bless me for the last year of Graduation. Hope, I'll do my best.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

Great best of luck..Dude..it sucks now ..BUT the future holds something good for you.. foundations are made on strong basics and hard work.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

don't worry...you will do your best :)

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, ab aap toh thoda alag bolti kuch.

Writing Buddha said...

SUB, I hope ill do

Heeyeon Kim said...

Hi I appreciate your some posts very well.
I think you have a great skill of writitng.
Your post make me comfortable.
My name is Heeyeon Kim and
I am invited your blog by Gaurav Save :)
Hehe Have a good day-^^

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow. happy to see u heere. I hope Kim, you will read more blog posts from me... and like it too..

Bibi Mohanan said...

Project period is very important but the most struggling period..i have experienced the stress, when I have done my M.Tech project of 1 year duration.
Best of luck

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