31 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

BISMILLAH!!! With this, my first Ramzan Roza ended !!!

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        On 29th August, 2011:

           "Why don't you people keep roza for a day?" Sohail said to me and Tushar while we were returning from college. I always had a will to keep roza as I never kept it according to the terms and conditions of Islam but I fast regularly for Sai Baba every Thursday from last 2 years.

            "Ok. I can keep it. But can I drink Water?" Tushar asked.
            "No" Saquib and Sohail said in chorus. 
            I said," Itni baarish to ho hi rahi hai. Ek do boond tere honthon pe girr jaayenge unhi ko choos lena." And everyone laughed like anything but after few minutes of laughing, they said aisa nahi karte hain.
           Still I and Tushar were ready to keep fast. In the evening, I came home and sat on Internet to check the comments on my Blog. I logged in to Facebook after that and Sohail was online. He confirmed whether I'm keeping the fast or not and I decided in few seconds and replied confidently,"Yes". He said that he will call me in morning to wake me up so that I can have food before the roza time starts. I wake up every night till 3 to 4.30 so I knew that its impossible for me to wake up when he will call me so its better to eat or chew whatever I want to before sleeping. But sitting online made the time pass like fire and it was 3.15 AM and I was feeling very sleepy then. It was like bombing Pakistan to prepare Maggi in 2 mins and have it. I went to the kitchen and brought 2 bottles full of water. I knew that water is to be prohibited for the whole day so I started drinking water. I drank 1.5 liter of water and went to sleep.

            Next day, I woke up and mummy asked me for tiffin and breakfast, I refused saying that I am on Roza and I will not eat anything. Being a very good lady, my mother didn't say a word about it and with a proud expression said,"Go ahead". Then I went to college and my friends- Sohail and Yusuf helped me to read a Neeyat which is being read when you are on Roza. I read it. I tried to control abuses and I gave it for very few times in the whole day. :-) It was a bright sunny day today after five days of heavy rains which blocked even local trains and it urged me to go ahead and break my fast but I kept hold on my oath and promise and ceased myself from drinking water. It was just 1 PM when I went mad in quench of thirst. It was 6 hours more to go. Yusuf asked me to break the fast at 2 PM when he saw my dull face and dry lips demanding water but I said him that I'll break it at 3. I said it just to push my heart for one more hour. With this, I was successful in keeping my Roza till 7 PM- the time when roza is called off. While leaving my friends at Belapur station, Sohail Shaikh gave me a chocolate saying that he is very happy to see me on Roza and thus he is giving me this chocolate to eat at 7 PM when I'll break it. It was so touching. Even Saquib patted me when he came to know that I'm on Roza. A Hindu on Roza is a big thing in today's selfish world. 

            At 7 PM, Sohail called me and asked me to recite whatever he was speaking in Arabic. I repeated it like a 2nd std child and after we completed, he asked me to go and have dates and water and then eat whatever I want. I said Eid Mubarak to him and cut the call. I had 2 dates and then drank 1 liter of water. After that, ate special type of paranthas my mother made for me. I also asked for some duaas for me, my family and friends to Allah and I hope it will be accomplished too. Keeping Roza made me realize the importance of Water and Food. Whenever I saw in the news that people aren't getting water, I always felt that what's the big deal in that, anyone can survive without water for few days but I realized how hard it is. It also made me realize the importance of food. I already give importance to any kind of food served to me because I have lived in Hostel for 7 months and I know that anything you get can't be worst than the food provided there. So I never curse a food served to me and I eat it without rejecting it and making faces. People have habits of blaming the person who prepares food for them. Roza helps them understand that after staying away from food for few hours, you realize that any kind of food can fill up the stomach and you shouldn't go for choices. 

              This was the last day of Ramzan's Roza and with this the pure month of Ramzan comes to an end. I am happy that I am a little part of this pure month of Islam and I hope Allah will bless me with shabab too. If every Hindu will think that why should I participate in their Ramzan and Eid when they don't participate in our festivals like Ganeshotsav and Navratri and if every Muslim will think that why should I participate in their Navratri when they don't participate in our festival Eid, there can be no unity between religions. We should come forward and celebrate each other's festival so that the barrier between the religion will disappear and there will be love amongst both the religions who have always fought against each other. I have told all of you the kind of support I received from my friends on Roza. Even Hindu friends patted me and shook hands with me for this beautiful deed. People respect you when they see that you respect all religions. I believe all religions and I follow the good parts of all the religions and then coming to Islam, I have been close to this religion always. 

              Bismillah !!!! With this word, my first Roza ended today and after few hours, I saw the news that moon is visible in the sky and with this, one of the exciting festivals and the biggest one of Islam is here- EID. From my behalf, Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brethren. And thanks a lot to Sohail Mulani, Yusuf Dawawala, Sohail Shaikh and Saquib Shaikh for helping me to join them in the last Roza. Thanks a lot.

        ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU wishing you all EID MUBARAK !!!   

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sohail.s said...

nice one...
veeru i'm happy that you kept ROZA successfully
till 7..
god blase you....

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sohail and Anulal sir.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

God Bless!

YOUR said...

happy ramzaan

Salman J said...

Sweeeeeeettt !!! Way to go buddy !! Great achievement !! n yes thats the true motive of Ramzaan--to make u understand the value of food and moreso of a simple thing such as water !!
congratulations on a deed well done :)
Eid Mubarak To All !
GaneshChaturthi Too !!

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