15 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Indians, Its 64th Year of Being Independent !!!

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        How proudly I am writing this post on the independence of my country. This is the 64th year of Independence and I want to Congratulate all the Indians on this occasion. It feels so special to live in a democratic country where we have the right to speak whatever we want. There are many countries where you are not allowed to speak anything against the government or the way they are working. Our Country is developing wonderfully and it would have been somewhere else if our Ministers would have been true to themselves and their countrymen. The reason for India's struggle today is not only the corruption and poverty, but its the population which we have grown ourselves. We keep blaming our ministers for spreading corruption everywhere in India but did anyone of us ever thought that even we did mistake by overcrowding our country. The seats for education and the vacancy for jobs are limited but the population of our country is so huge that even if five countries will collaborate together, they can't provide jobs to us. Its we who have ruined our nation.

             We can see people spitting here and there. We ourselves don't care when we throw the wrappers and useless stuffs on the roads because we know that the system of our country is very cool and dizzy thus there is no one who will come to notch us and take an action. But if we will think ourselves that we are not going to pollute or disturb the cleanliness of our country, our country will not look so ugly. We look at the potholes which is the result of Minister's corruption but why don't we see the pollution and dirtiness which we spread in our country. Blaming the government for everything is incorrect and an excuse. We should try to bring change in ourselves and our friends. If you'll stop dirtying your country, your friends will automatically follow you. India is a very beautiful country and it will always remain the one if we will promise ourselves that we will grow our nation and make it the World's No. 1. 

              The day we won World Cup, we were so proud to see our players carrying the Indian flag and running on the ground. The people in the stadium were happy to wave our Indian flag and show the world the power of India in the game of Cricket. What made us the World's best in Cricket? The promise of our Cricketers to themselves that they will do their best to make their country No. 1 in the respective field. This is how a nation grows. We need everyone to step forward and only then it is possible to make our country what we want it to be. And remember, we should never compare our Country to anyone else. Neither Pakistan who are behind us nor America which is quite ahead. We should be happy with whatever we are. Today, all the leading nations are trying to build good relations with India because they know that we are developing with an accelerating speed and we have the power of being the Superpower in future. So lets be proud of ourselves.

             Being an Indian, I want to do a lot for my country. I lack with ideas and the day I'll get that clue which will help me to make my nation and my countrymen proud, I'll march ahead towards it rather than sitting back and watching my country being joked by others. Its 64th year of Independence and we are living in a country which is free and have the courage of growing up. So let's make our country more stronger by changing ourselves. I am saying so much but even I'm not confident whether I can push my country ahead or not but I know that if everyone of us will do it together, we can surely do it. So let's join our hands and try to make our country A SUPER POWER.


ABHILASH RUHELA - VEERU Proud to be an Indian  

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Subhrashis Adhikari said...

i do not know about superpower, but there is a long way to go before we can truely say that we are free...great post...

Do check out mine http://khonjtheeternalsearch.blogspot.com/2011/08/fuck-india.html

Anu Lal said...

Happy Independence day!

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u SUB. I will read your post very soon.

Writing Buddha said...

Same 2 u Anulal sir.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

happy independence Day!
Proud to be Indian By birth!
very well written VEERU ..God Bless

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