23 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Thoda Sa Hua Hai, Bahut Jyada Hai Baaki !!!

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       Its the 8th Day of Anna Hazare's movement. The way people have tried to support Anna's movement is historical. More than 1,00,000 people on the same street is something very huge, unbelieving and mind blasting. I have also supported the movement by joining upto 3 rallies in Navi Mumbai. It was a pleasure to experience a historical movement. I am happy that I am the part of this movement. I know what is Jan Lokpal bill but lets suppose that I don't know anything about it. Suppose I only know that there's something going against Corruption. Let the bill introduced by Anna Hazare be stupid but the result of a Lokpal bill will end the corruption. Either the Lokpal bill is drafted by Anna or Sibal but the purpose of the bill is to reduce and annihilate corruption in our nation. My question is to everyone is that why are you sitting at home and watching the whole movement as a Reality show rather than joinnig the movement and let the government understand that we are aware of what's going in the nation and we want to get rid of it. I feel so blithe when I see so many people in support of Anna Hazare on the road. Actually, even Congress is right that the step taken by Anna and his team is undemocratic and they are disrespecting the Constitution but my dear Congress party, are you following all the rules of Democracy and Constitution?  So, even if you don't know who Anna is and what Lokpal bill is, come on the road and support the movement because it is an alarm to the government that we don't want Corruption from now onwards.

            I am happy that people have shown their concern for this movement and everyone is taking a step forward to blast against corruption. But I feel that Corruption is not the only issue we are dying in but there are many more issues in our nation which are equally or much important than this issue. I want people to protest with unity for these issues too. From last 3 years, I am continuously listening and reading the news about rapes. The girls from the metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi are most insecure. The cities with most police force are the cities where the most crimes take place. Few months ago, we came to know about the case of Aruna Shanbaug who was molested by a man where the man was released from the jail within 7 months and Aruna is suffering the pain for more than 2 decades. There are many rapists in the jail who are released after few months or years and the girls have to bear the pain for all their life. I want a protest for hanging all the rapists who are in jails. The girls are killed before they are born. I want all those parents to be sent to jail for all their life. I want a protest against such parents. The juniors are the poorest victim of "ragging" in colleges. I want a protest against all those senior students who harass these students who take admission for studying but end their life after being troubled by these senior students.

             We have terrorists who bombed our nation and killed our citizens but they are living in our jails from years without any tension and torture. The crores of money are being invested for the protection of these terrorists. The recent case of Kasab is the most furious case of our nation. He was arrested on the spot of 26/11 but our judiciary system kept on investigating the case and Kasab is still alive. Lets protest against these terrorists and demand the Government to kill all the terrorists they have in their custody. Before anyone misapprehends the purpose of this post, let me remind you that I am saying that its not just corruption for which we should come on roads and protest but there are many more issues we should protest for. We should start reacting to the government's silence now. We should compel them to take actions and improve the condition of our country. 



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Salman J said...

Bang On Target Buddy !! But then again every coin has its Flipside !Though Most of D ppl out there r supporting Anna HAzare-- most of em dont know the implications of his Demand's !
For example he's asking to include the Prime Minister under Lokpal Bill but then again suppose they somehow manage to prove corruption charges against one the result?? Reelections--that will cost money--lots n lots of money amounting in Crores ! Now where in the hell will this come from ?? FROM US !! they will simply burden us with further taxes !!
Now I am all Game for an anti-corruption bill and a Corruption-free India but then the way Anna and his supporters r holding the country ransom is hardly what u call a democratic manner !!
and has any1 ever guessed or tried to find out where are the funds for organizing this massive rallies coming from?????
some thinking needs to be done ppl !
dont b the Lost Sheep in Search of A Shepherd--- its time to make things happen--no doubt bout that but whats needed more importantly is insight and knowledge--- and more importantly self realisation-- Anti-Corruption is gonna be a sham unless v ourselves stop bribing the officers !!
Think bout it !

Megha said...

nice article!!!there was really a need of such protests against the govt.....prices r rising day by day, high taxes, no security etc etc.

Anu Lal said...

hats Off Anna. You have weight in your article Abhilash!!

Writing Buddha said...

Yes Megha, we should do it.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Anulal sir... u r always motivating for me.

Kul Bhushan Garg said...

Congrats for writing a very interesting ,thought provoking article on the present political situation facing the country.The present Govt. is the weakest & most corrupt Govt. country ever had .They are unable to take any action against corruption,rapists,terrorists etc. Huge Scams took place under the very nose of the authorities .Mass awakening ,as seen in the current Anna hazare movement is the need of the hour .

Writing Buddha said...

Thank u Kul sir.

hamaarethoughts.com said...

very true..buddy..
its not jus the solution..and there have been many other bills passed in India..did it matter..??
honesty has to be within... self motivation... and helping the country to move in a better direction..
poverty,education, unemployment..women's rights ...many other issues..
its like herd of cattle's one behind other.

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