25 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

"Come tomorrow, we will have SEX" "OK" !!!

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       It was the 17th time I was dialing Gaurav. I was abusing him for not picking up the phone. This idiot always had time to pick up the call of his juniors who were sexy enough to make a boy think about 3 letter word- SEX. But for a friend like me who was dumb and whose decisions can change any time, he had no time. Whenever I complained him of ignoring me, he always said that whenever you call, I'm either shitting, either bathing or I forget my mobile at home. Actually, I wasn't even that dumb to believe this. At last, he picked my call after I tried for 17 times more. 

   I shouted,"Are you alive?"
   "Yes. I am."
   "Are you free to listen my problem or is your girlfriend waiting for your call?"
   "Now start speaking buddy. I know you are in problem. Speak up now."
   "I want to dump Akshata."
   "Yes. I am fed up of her"
   "Do you remember that she is still the best babe our college ever had?"
   "So what? Even I had the best sex I ever had with her. Now nothing seems to be exciting with her."
   "Akshay, how selfish you are. I feel ashamed of calling you my friend."
   "When have I said that I'm seriously dumping her? I am just asking you what should I do?"
   "Idiot, you never talked to a girl in your whole school life. God blessed a nerd like you and you have the best babe of the college. You have slept with her for number of times. You have seen the best moments of your life with her. Now when you have faked her with your love to take her till bed, you are trying to run away from her. You are silly, dude. You will never get a girl like Akshata. Remember. Never leave her."
   "Ok buddy. Thanks."
   "Think upon this. Bye and take care."
   "Bye. And agli baar phone pehle hi call me utha lena."
    I hanged the phone.

             No girl talked to me in school because I had a tiny face with thick mustache on it. My parent never allowed me to shave it because they felt its dangerous to the life of father if son shaves his mustaches. Hindus are great. :-) This is why I love my religion. I had thick spectacles. My father did this purposely so that girls will not concentrate on my beautiful eyes. My eyes is the only feature which can be complimented because it is gifted to me from my mother's genes. I had hairs which stood like the dick of those pornstars who keep fucking that erotic model for hours until you switch off the DVD player yourself. Once a girl asked me for a pencil and that is the only moment I remember when I had an interaction with a girl in school. When I came in 10th std, I started watching Star World and MTV to check out what the teenagers are like and makes them look cool and funky in the mob of students. I concentrated on the dressing style and make-up style of the youths shown on the channels. 

              Now, I was entering into BCA course in Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Mumbai. I heard from a friend's friend that the college has hot girls and stylish boys with cool bikes under their asses. I knew that I'll never get a better bike than Splendor Plus that my father gave me in 11th std. It was already 2 years old and it took 17 to 20 kicks to start. You see in advertisements of Life Insurance policies that father plans for child's future. My father planned all the best points so that girls will always remain away from me. But God has decided something else. I found this babe in Pharmacy 1st year. I started following her. One day, all her friends went to the Belapur station while she remained alone in the college. I lived nearby so I used to roam near the college in the quest to find a beautiful girl to talk. When I saw her, I went little near and applied brakes. She came to me herself and said,"You are from this college. Am I right?"

         "Yes. I am from BCA 1st year."
         "I need a lift. My friends have caught the train and I am late. I want to reach station within 5 minutes."
        I helped her. She sat on my backseat and this was the first time when my bike was experiencing a feminine feel. We exchanged phone numbers on the railway station and we started messaging each other from the evening itself. In few weeks, I won her and we were committed. Having the best babe with you accelerates the arrogance in your attitude. Now, I thought myself no less than Salman Khan. I started going to gym. I shaved the mustache. Yes, my father thrashed me with his leather belt which he purchased from the most expensive market of leather-famous- Kanpur. My mother started keeping fast for my father's long life. Once again, Hindus are great. I love my religion for this. I purchased Set Wet from Big Bazaar Raghuleela Mall, Vashi. I started applying it and finally the dick's erection cooled down. I changed my specs after working for 2 months in a call-center. Akshata kept falling for me after each modification I did to my personality. She was my biggest fan now.

            I remember those 7 months when I and Akshata used to go to dates and dines. It was interesting for the first few days but after a while I started feeling that what is the use of an affair where I can't even touch those parts of her which is a dream of every boy in my college. One day, I asked her to wear loose clothes and come to meet me. She did it as ordered. That day I took her to Juhu Chowpatty where the couples sit at an uniform distance from each other allowing privacy to every couple. We measured the distance and sat on the block. The cool breeze said it all. We came closer to each other and finally our lips touched. My hands were playing with her hairs. Slowly, it went down and I pressed the softest part of her body. She started enjoying and we loved each other for 4 hours that day. 

            One Day, she called me and said,"Come tomorrow with condom at Sakshi's house. I was stunned. I asked,"Why?" She said,"We will have Sex." I replied,"Ok." Tried to hide my curiosity. Now, I struggled with my feelings. She asked me to have SEX? SEX- the word which kept evoking everyone of us right from 6th std. SEX is a dream. I always felt that I'll not get a chance to lose my virginity even after my marriage. But she, the best bomb of the college wanted to have SEX with me. Next day, I went to Sakshi's flat. After unclothing each other and proving our trust we had for each other, I put on the condom and the moment of the life began. That day I understood what is the importance of Condom's ads in TV, newspaper and BEST buses. After that day, SEX became an addiction. Every third day, we were on the bed and the Kohinoor Condoms got its permanent customer. I tried different flavors each time I went to *uck her. Suddenly, the attraction which turned into love was turning into physical fun from love. Now, the love for me was augmenting in her heart while I started going away from her. I was bored of the same body, same boobs, same moaning voice, same girl and same feeling. 

            This is why I called Gaurav and asked him whether I should dump her or not. Finally, I have taken the decision. I have dumped her. She has left the city and promised herself that she will never look at my face again. I am happy that I got rid of her. I have heard that she has got a new boyfriend but I don't care now. I have a better girl than her. She has more silky hairs than she had. She is carrying huge dairies on her breast than her. She is the babe of the whole town and not only the college. I don't know what love is. The only thing I know is the physical attachment both the sexes have for each other. But being termed as slut is awkward and depressing, so, to ignore it, an action of love takes place and then finally we play with each others body. 

P.S.: I wrote this fictional piece after listening to many love stories of my friends and friend's friend. None of them ended to be successful but everyone of them had a fantasy. That was Sex. Everyone experienced it with their partners and as soon as they had sex, they lost interest for each other and they threw the relation away. In the college life, people get attracted towards the body, skin and lips. No one gets attracted towards the ideas, values and culture of a person. Everyone drops into a relationship and then feels guilty for the whole life for being into a relationship where the partner licked all their body and went away. I feel pity for my generation which has dropped down the level and innocence of our previous generation. May God bless them all and give pure thoughts that youth stop listing their Sex partners in a 200-pages diary. 




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Unknown said...

Well that story is 70% as compared to reality
actually nowadays a new 'open relationship' is very popular, that means yeah I am having relationships with multiple people, I am fucking around and if you wanna have fun without feeling guilty, join me.

Anonymous said...

yeah...actually these people need to grwo up and learn to love themselves first before they cn fall in love.nice story, although i hope it's not inspired from personal experience

Anonymous said...

Well written

Keep on going..

nikhimenon said...

ha ha..btw that was a throught provoking piece about sex....'!

nikhimenon said...

btw how can yu be so sure that most of our previous generation ppl fell only for ideas,values and culture..it all depends on the age and the period in yur life in which yu fall in love..in olden days no one had this much' freedom' to even fall for someone...these days every 3 rd person will have a 'self made mms' by the age of 18....!

Mishilicious Mishi said...

lolz..thankz God that was a fictional piece! or I was thinking otherwise;p well written..and well said:-)

Arpita Zala said...

it reminds chetan Bhagat

nikhimenon said...

hi veeru,
do yu mind writing a guest post for nikhimenon.blogspot.com

i wud be glad to have a piece frm yu...

Writing Buddha said...

Rishab bhai, hahaha, u r extremely right.. People have dropped down their level till here too.

Writing Buddha said...

Confusedyippee, no its not derived from my personal experience. hahaha

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Mr. Vijay. Ur comment means a lot

Writing Buddha said...

Nikhimenon, hahaha. thought provoking

Writing Buddha said...

Hahaha. Thanks Mishi

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Miss Arpita.

Writing Buddha said...

Nikhimenon, Im extremely happy to get an invitation from you. Waiting for your next mail. I have replied to that mail.

defaulter said...

very nice...!!!!
by the way who is this gaurav...??????

defaulter said...

nice one...!!!
by the way who is this Gaurav...??????

Writing Buddha said...

Fictional character. and thanks.

richa singh said...

nyc one...

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Richa.

Aditya Kasar said...

Awesome dude..you rock and keep surprising me with you talent in writing. In first place hats off for the guts to write on such a controversial topic, I'm impressed. Unfortunately what you have wrote is the true picture of today's generation and I wish it could change for the better.

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