3 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

It's Not My Mistake, Its Your Beauty !!!

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        I remember we had a wonderful teacher in our Semester 1 who taught us English. Her name was Divya Abroal and she was too stylish even when she was married and had kids. I used to sit on the first bench in her lecture in a dream that may be she will bend down and plant a kiss on my cheeks. Oh Sorry. I know that's too much of a thought but then this is what we call dying on someone's beauty. I don't remember a single word she taught in the class. The only thing I remember is how she used to enter in our class, her lips which were hidden behind the soft color of lipstick, her accent in which she spoke the English language, the way she looked at her long nails after engaging us in writing something etc etc. I remember when she asked for water in the class and I was the first to lend my bottle to her. It was just because I wanted her lips to touch my bottle so that I can keep the bottle as the biggest achievement of my life and show it to all my college friends. 

               The scenario I have written in the first paragraph happens when you see a beauty and try to experience it. The same happened with Hina Rabbani Khar when she visited India. None of us tried to concentrate on the issues for which she visited India but we noticed all the designers she wore and all the brands she held in her hands. From purse to her sandals, our creative media channels noticed everything and talked about it for the whole one week. For once, I thought if Hina was here to impress Mahesh Bhatt for Murder-3 by those killer looks. I have a friend who is quite beautiful and whenever she talk to me, I hear less and notice her beauty more than the words she speak. I notice her hairstyle, her lips, her eyes, her changing nail paints and sandals. I never tried to hear what she tried to explain me or tell me. I remember when the principle of our school conveyed a message in a meeting to all the teachers to apply less make up because parents have complained that children are falling in love with teachers rather than the subjects they are being taught. Our teachers reacted to that sensible request in a furious way and continued with their make-up. 

                Once, Priyanka Chopra attended a seminar of NDTV to aware the people and youth about Global Warming and how we are killing our planet. Next day, the media talked about her unchanged dress which she wore again in the NDTV seminar which she wore in an award function 2 days back but they didn't talked about the sensitive issue for which she was at the seminar. This is what happen when people start concentrating on beauty than anything else. I have this problem from my childhood that I can't talk to a beautiful girl by looking straight into her eyes because I start concentrating on her looks rather than concentrating on our conversation and make it more healthy. This is why I fear to be friend with beautiful girls as I know that I may start appreciating their beauty through my eyes and it may seem weird and awkward to them. This is exactly what happened with Hina Rabbani Khar. She wasn't that beautiful but still she was till that extent which achieved success in diverting people's interest in her beauty than her talks.  Pakistan even accused her of accusing herself in India and shaking hands with gair mard.

               I always agreed to what my school's principle conveyed to all the teachers - Keep light make-up and expose less so that people concentrate on what you say rather than what the cosmetics and make-up on your body says.



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hamaarethoughts.com said...

So sweet abhilash!
you seemed to be glued to beauty topic and less to the international issues...I dont blame you...you are in that age and ERA ..where ..annkhien Char hone ke pureh chances hai!
I had good tyme reading your blog :)

Writing Buddha said...

mam, i hope u remember when I used to talk on the topics regarding national and international issues. After publishing 400th blog, I thought to try little bit of this genre so doing it.. nothing else.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm!! Well, Sushmita is beautiful but when she talks one does pay attention and listens. I think it depends on oratory skills as well. Priyanka is great at speaking too....I don't think if a woman is really beautiful she can not be taken seriously. Its how you carry yourself and how confident you are to demand that much needed attention.

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

lol....Pakistan desperately need some international friends...

true, external beauty is only skin deep....

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