16 August 2011 | By: Writing Buddha

Corruption-free India? Yes, its Possible !!!

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        Today, Anna will be back. The fight against corruption will attract everyone's eyes and heart. Being an Indian, everyone is attracted towards the issues which has the power of revolutionizing the nation. Nation can be changed only if the issues are raised against the ill behaviour and system of government. "Saala yahaan ka system hi kharaab hai" Everyone of us keep saying this but did anyone of us thought of doing something greater than our Do-takke-ki-naukri? We are all concerned for ourselves and our family. We have nothing to do with what's going on in our nation and how  are we suffering because of it. Our life is secure, wonderful, rich and satisfying but there are many who have to suffer unbearable circumstances because there's no one to look after them and think about their class. Until we don't gather the courage to stand up and raise our voice against it, nothing is going to change.

             Few months back, Ramdev Baba tried to change the nation and bring all the Indian wealth accumulated in Swiss bank but he was humiliated in front of the whole world. The police force compelled him and his supporters to leave the Ramleela Maidan and run for their lives. Now, Anna is the next target of the government and they are shameless in claiming and warning Anna in front of the whole nation that he may be thrashed in the same manner as Ramdev Baba was. Anna Hazare is still standing high and he is ready to face all kinds of evil wars of government on him. He is ready to die against them but the only concern for which he is ready to leave all the comfort and pleasure of his life is PURE AND IMMACULATE NATION. I don't know how clean and pure Anna and his ways of fighting against corruption are but I believe that the cause for which he is fighting is one of the major issues of our country and if it is reduced even by 1%, it is going to benefit us. There is no loss in fighting for this cause. Anna asks for a little support and we should be ready for it. We talk of Changing the Society and Anna is giving us a chance to bring some revolution and make India the nation we always wanted it to be. So lets give a chance to our dreams for our nation.

             I have disliked the behaviour of Anna Hazare and his team from last few days since government introduced their version of Lokpal bill but still I am supporting them because I want the corruption to be handled. I have nothing to do with the words spoken by Anna Hazare, Shanti Bhushan, Kiran Bedi or Arvind Kejriwal. Let them do shit, talk shit and behave like a shit but I am standing with them because their cause will help us to build a nation where all the works will be done accordingly without any hurdles and obstructions. Today, we are charged with some extra bucks everywhere we go for an official work in a government office, but if the Lokpal Bill stated by the Civil society is introduced(which is quite stringent for the government), we can be free from paying those bucks. Every time a person goes for a police inquiry while making his passport, he has to pay some bucks to the officer to get a step ahead in the process of making his passport. This is where our nation is where everything is seen as a Used-to element and we neglect everything by saying "Yahaan aisa hi hota hai aur hamein is hi ke saath jeena chahiye". Kyun jeena chahiye jab wo galat hai? You don't tolerate a word against your perspective by your parent Then how can you tolerate the injustice by government and some corrupt people of our nation.

            Let's stand for the cause of Anna Hazare and try to evaluate corruption from our country and build a nation which we want it to be.  Even if you are doing nothing, at least spread the word.



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Priya said...

Anna is in jail, as per the recent news. But do you really feel he is working for a cause?
I strongly feel, he is working for the govt. and attracting people to divert us from other major issues.
Well. It's my view.

Writing Buddha said...

No comments. Hahaha

Subhrashis Adhikari said...

Ramdev is as corrupt as the govn...probably Anna isn't...but we are not fighting for Anna...we are fighting for ourselves...against corruption...and obviously it is diverting ppl from other issues...like we forgot shiela dixit

hamaarethoughts.com said...

I wud jus say ...when a common man is ready to give bribe ...to get rid of all the hassles and shit all round ...nothing will change...unless a common man stops giving bribe..

Megha said...

@harman: common man is forced to give a bribe for getting his work completed.

Writing Buddha said...

Rightly said Sub

Writing Buddha said...

Harman mam, rightly said by Megha.

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