7 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Seniors of My College - Made the 1st Year of Graduation Special !!!

            190TH BLOG -->>

         My heartiest thanks to everyone who commented on my last blog..This blog received 19 comments which makes 189th blog the second highest comment-scorer blog..Highest I have received when I completed my 100th Blog..I received 64 comments..After that I received 19 Comments when I won Mr. Fresher.. But this time again its 19..Thanks people for loving my blog so much..And above every thing..Its the feedbacks with which you bless me..A comment really made me laugh when I read it..A childhood friend wrote it to me ...

veeru kab writer ban gaya re tu

pehle kya tha aur ab kya ho gaya hai tu 
           Its so good to hear that people believe you are changed..You are improved..You have motivated yourself and have upgraded your level of living life..Living normally is very easy..But breaking out your comfort zone and then doing something which should be appreciated..Little proud of myself that I'm trying..Believing and noticing that I'm doing is all upon you and my dear friends..Now, as I said yesterday on my facebook's status..I am moving towards that topic..

           Yesterday, I shared with all of you how my 1st year of graduation was..I thanked all my classmates...They deserved it..And I gave them their prize..Everyone of them is great..but today I'm not going to talk about them again..Today, Im going to share about my seniors..Its not only your classmates who can lighten your life and make you feel proud of yourself..A big support is required by your elders..At this level of age when the maturity is all over in your attitude...You don't consider the advise given by your parents because we feel they are out-dated..Yes they are..Sometimes they suggest something very weird..So at this time you move towards the suggestion of the friends who are elder than you..Your elder brother or sister..or your seniors in the college..I don't have any elder friend near to me..Nor I have any brother and sister..And I dont even want this bloody part in my life..Bro n Sis..Yeaakk...Thoo!!! .. But I had seniors in my college..Some smart..Tidy ..Gentle..while some idiots..Over acting creatures..Stupid and irritating..But everyone gave an experience..Those who were at the good part gave an example of a good college-student while those who were proud of their stupidity gave us an intimation that don't be like us people will consider you as a psycho or a Ajeeb-o-gareeb personality..

             I had no connections with my senior till 18th September..But 19th September brought a huge success to me with the glory of the title Mr.Fresher..With this I was a renowned face in my college..Now people knew me ...They started recognizing me and shaking hands with me..They deciphered that this one is not a normal boy just going to program the codes but he is the one who is going to entertain us in future...So they got a good image of mine..Hey readers..Im saying this according to my point of you..Any one of the seniors can say that I never thought of you this way..OK.Now getting back..After 19th September..Once I got a scrap of Rishab Dahiya..3rd year BBA..He told me that he loved my blog..And will love to read it..He said let our site be completed then we will make a website for you..I was very happy with this new response and an opportunity..After Freshers, Sharon-2nd year BCA started with a good and immediate relationship with me..Started talking little-bit everytime he saw me..Manisha Kanwat-2nd year BBA became my online friend..Never chatted with her in college because there was a fear to be termed as Chipku..After some days there was a controversy over my blogs..Sharon helped me..Rishab bhaai helped me..And everyone gave a big support..Even said that if something happens call us..Wow..I'm happy..After some days...Nitin Goyal-3rd year..finally decided to give me a website and then he wasted a whole night for my blog site..and at last www.bloggerabhilash.info this domain is provided to me by him otherwise formerly it was known as www.abhilashruhela.blogspot.com ...Eeeeehhh!! 

             Then , second session started..Fest was announced after 2 months..The way seniors requested me to perform bcoz they loved me on the Freshers when I danced..At last just for them and some of my classmates I performed..And the way they clapped for me in the auditions still brings a positive and a motivating energy in me..Again a will to perform and rock gets boosted up..After the dance, the way they appreciated open-heartedly is still alive and at the top of my conscious..Everyone of them had been special..There was a problem in the song..Punit Desai helped me to mix and remove the unwanted section..Nitish Jadhav..Didn't connected with this guy much but love his attitude and also remember the moment when the Fresher's competition was going on..He came in between and whispered me in my ears that You will have to win this one..And then after that I performed and every senior shouted for me ONCE MORE ONCE MORE after my dance..Thanks to all of them...All of them...Richa Mandhyan-3rd year BCA provided me with the notes..which she had prepared wasting her nights..putting all her efforts into it and she gave it to me without any Hichki and Dichki..The girl also gave me an option to dance on Fest otherwise I was hiding myself in the competition..Thanks a ton to her...Abrar-2nd year BBA..The boy who always respected me and my talent..He was the host of our fest..never ever have I seen a host like him..He interacted only with me in the batch of freshers..and that too with a respect..Thank you..Mr. Abrar.

            Every senior has been special..I'm sorry if someone is left..But I want to thank all of you collectively here..You all have been special..I would like to say some of them that plzz try to be humans..You are senior that doesn't mean you are our BAAPS...if you think this, then let me tell you, you all are the PAAPS..Try to improve and behave right after reading this blog otherwise this fake attitude will turn into your real personality and you will face a lot in future in the organization and many more places where your interaction power will be judged..And for the one who are kind and gentle and amicable..Ohh..Be like this..We will always salute you and you are the ones who will be remembered by us always..even after our college..I have tried taking every name I felt was Kind to me..And now a message to my classmates , if you loved and want to appreciate the senior who had been kind to you..Can write their name in the comment's section..


Mr.Fresher - 2009 

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Nitin Goyal said...

Nice blog

but main part thoda short tha :P

n extra maal jyada tha :D

Writing Buddha said...

Yaaa boss u r right..actually agar main part jyaada likhta toh same 189th blog jaisa lagta jo amine apne classmates k liye likha tha..so thoda alag karne k chakkar me kuch jyaada hi alag ho gya hai..

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