18 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Absentee And Presentee !!!

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        Where are you? I'm here my friends as always..Its not always so germane to write a blog when its all about your family...A trouble..A tension moving all around in your home..The continuous and endless calls gives a wierd stress to your mother..So at this time is it necessary and indispensible to write blogs or support your mother? Obviously, the second one..So , Im with my mother all this days..Recently, papa was here at the home so I took a breathe at this time after the darkness has ruled all over the earth..Many things happened these days..England won the World Cup, Delhi railway station was trapped into a mob running directionless...A leather factory in Mumbai getting burnt..Earthquake hitting internationally..and I was in all this struggling with my polemic life..Its not always easy to say that Chalo chchodo yaar, mujhe kya karna hai..Its very hard to let the situation move roughly parallel to you..Its natural that you will be affected...And thats the rationate of my absence on this world of blogging..

            Absence- Its the feel of waiting for someone...Its the charm and eagerness for the voice to be heard again in the same spirits..Its the emotional moment if you remember the most nourishing moment of the entity who is absent and is not with you..Absence of someone can lead depression to someone who is all tensed for the arrival of the absentee...Absence makes your mind move at the isolated place from the present and you move out in the past and keep wondering what will be the future like...Will the future change by what you wish and what you think?? Absolutely NO...You will get nothing..Just burn out the stress and try to purify and filter your brain by removing the factors which leads you into stress and depression because of the absence of someone..Absence of a phone call or SMS also affect many of us..Why? Does that phone call and SMS ameliorates something in your life? Are they productive? No.. So why wait for them? Leave them...Chill out...Dont wait for the absentee ever...Sometimes the absentee can be stuck somewhere in the traffic of the life..but why should you be moved because of his stuck vehicle of life? You toh move ahead..You toh create something which can lead you towards your destination without any traffic in your life..

             Try elucidating the entities which are present..Your mother is present..Respect her..love her..kiss her..hug her..help her..share with her...listen her pains..witness her presence all around you..I dont know how much you all would have observed but I have clearly observed that my mother's presence brings a positive atmosphere in my house..No one then complains..No one is then related with confusions and doubts..Everything is clear..If you will observe..Electricity burns out so much stress..Brings light in the darkness..brings cold in the hot..brings entertainment in the silence..So try grasping the energy from the entities surrounding you..Don't flinch from the life..Try finding something which has never been observed and marked by someone else..Try inventing..Try creating..Be productive and not consumer..Try to give and not take..Try to utilize and moot up your status and level..Respect the present thing around you..Concentrate on the people who are present near you..sharing happiness with you..trying you to be stress free..I respect every presentee of my life..My mom-dad, my best friend, my neighbours...everyone..This attitude came with the experience..Try profiting from my experiences...



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