13 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Oh Shit , Not Again by Mandar Kokate !!!

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    Dear Mandar Sir,
              Right now its 12.30 AM of 13th May,2010. I have just completed your book- Oh Shit Not Gain !!! And there is tears in my eyes..I started reading your book 3 days ago..You started your book with a good start..Everything was good..The way you narrated the scenario when you got introduced to your new group of friends..You kept using funny dialogues in all the places where it was required..But I would like to say that the statement you made in the start that Beware before you read..You may die laughing..It wasn't so much funny but I would say it was interesting..But I would also like to say that at many places it was successful in making me laugh loudly after reading your funny innovative sentences..Every incident you described when Sam ruined your moments of love was funny and also irritateful..Sam was really a weird character but Im happy too that at last he saved you from that murder case where you would have been caught very badly..Your every moment with Arti is also funny..She was a good girl..A girl who know what really love is as she never allowed you to kiss her oftenly..Hahaha...Bad Luck Boss...

              Andy and Seema weren't given so much importance as the character in the story and that what I liked because it was worthless giving them much importance otherwise I think the book would have been little boring in between because readers are interested in knowing the writer's life and expressions rather than his friend's reaction in the story.And the way you started about the Sejal's journey in the book..In the initial stage, it came out as Sejal was a lady who was unhappy with his husband and haven't got any sexual pleasure all in her life..But when the story started turning into a twist..Sejal was the most suffering character in the story..More than the author..Raj..But at last why did you killed her in the story? What was the need of that? You should have shown that her husband returned or any of her college time's boyfriend met her and now she married to him..But killing her in the last was really very sad and not a happy ending..It made me cry what I have said in the beginning of this letter. The whole book is such a delightful and happy story but in the end it turns into an emotional one..Please don't do this again in any of yours novel..Always end with a happy moment..

               Reason for saying this is because readers get attached to every character of the book and they start treating the characters as their relatives..A good character is appreciated by them while a negative shade character becomes the enemy of the reader..So when you end with a sad note like this that Sejal committed suicide even with her daughter..It made me so emotional that I'm in a fear to move from my bed..Im feeling that I'll fall down if I'll stand on my legs..So please take care of this..I'm happy that atlast, you have said that you married Arti otherwise if she would have been isolated from your love life then it would have been the most disastrous end I have ever read..Please take care of this as one of the opinions of a reader...And after reading your book and after getting the whole knowledge about your writing and thinking skills, Now I came to know that how was it possible for you to beat the record-breaking success of 2 STATES..This is what shows that you are best author right now..Mandar Sir, Best of luck for your future..And I m really hoping every friend of mine to read this book..And Im eagerly waiting for your next launch..And hoping to publish a novel with your publication..Hope you will like my story..

Thanks..and Regards...

Yours sincere reader,

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Anonymous said...

....i didn't understand what u wrote ..
give me dat buk sum tym...2 read..ok


Mandar Kokate said...

Well written...good analysis......an upcoming writer is here.....ABHILASH.


Writing Buddha said...

Thank u my dear friend and my admirable writer..Im so happy that u have commented on this one..This one was wholly dedicated to you...And u loved this one..This is so much for me..And thanks for claiming that Im an upcomming writer..Hearing this from u is so big pleasure..I cant express and opine thru my words..Thanks a lot..

Anonymous said...

was reading your interesting blog and your views on 'Oh shit.. do check out 'I,Romantic'.. I think you just might like it

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