1 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Maharashtra-Best State of India completes 50 years !!!

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           Happy Maharashtra Day !!!

           I'm from North India but my love for Maharashtra and its cities is much more than my love for my state. Maharashtra is the city above dreams and expectations.. The city with all the wonderful opportunities a human being can get even if he is below middle-class level.. Maharashtra is the most exposed state of India. Maharashtra is founded by Shivaji Maharaj after he conquered this area from the hands of Mughal reign..Maharashtra the word is derived from the words MAHA which means GREAT and RASHTRA which means NATION..Maharashtra is the second most populous state and the third-largest by area..Maharashtra is the richest state of India..Now, What more should I say about this state now..The people all over India when dream something and if their own state refuses to provide them the success..They migrate to Maharashtra for the success and scope of a wonderful life and they get it with lots of struggles...

             Many local parties are being formed in Maharashtra which are trying to sabotage the image of Maharashtra and Shivaji Maharaj but the people of India and World are familiar with the stories and biographies of Shivaji Maharaj and thus the political parties are thrashed up every time they stand for election.. They use the name of Shivaji Raje for their win and for winning the emotions of Marathas..but they are unfamiliar with the wit of the people that they know ki you are trying to isolate the people of Maharashtra from the people of India dollowing to different states..Shiv-Sena and MNS are the two local parties who are trying every hot and cold during elections to exploit the image of Marathas but the India know what MARATHAs are..We are familiar with the name of Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar..We know how Marathas are like..How big and huge they are like..You need not express them in your words..Maharashtra today has completed its 50 years and I don't know how proud will be the people who were alive when Maharashtra was formed officially but Im very blithe and joyous today..Im very happy..I was 2 and a half years ago when I was dragged inside Maharashtra in a very backward area named Roha..I lived there..Started my academic primary studies there and ended my studies there till my 10th standard..Then I studied in Pune, Aurangabad and Nashik for the next three years..and now Im in Mumbai doing my graduation..So for me , everything is Maharashtra..I have nothing to do with my native place..If tomorrow, any one will ask my children that what is your native place..They are going to answer Mumbai or MAHARASHTRA..

             The famous city in India for oranges is Nagpur which lies in MH..The famous city in India for grapes is Nashik..again which lies in MH..The great Shirdi known for the worship of Sai baba lies in MH..The great city Mumbai on which the OSCAR_ROCKING MOVIE- SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is based upon lies in MH..The huge Ajanta and Ellora caves lies in MH...Taj Hotel lies in MH...If I'll keep writing such types of OMG facts about Maharashtra here in my blog then it will never end up..So its better not to talk much about the state because it is the best state of India..I dont want to leave this state in any condition..Very soon, Metro is going to be started in Maharashtra..The superstars like Big B and SRK..The industrialists like Ambanis have grown up after they made MH their hometown..So MH is very lucky for the people and their talents..There was a survey and foreigners were asked about Mumbai and more than 50% of foreigners said that India lies within Mumbai..So its a big thing for us who live in MH that India is recognized by a city of our state..What more can we say about this state...So at last, I would say HAPPY MAHARASHTRA DAY once again...

         The 5th Month of the year starting today..So live it heartedly.....



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S said...

Never knew about Maharashtra so much .. haven't been there ever either, now after reading your post, I do feel like going there ! :)

Nice post !

..escape !

Wilshire said...

Now, for me, Maharashtra is synonymous with Shivaji, the great and powerful, yet just ruler, and Raj Thackerey! I just cant get him out of my head whenever I think of Maharashtra! So I believe he has succeeded! He wants everyone to think that he is the sole saviour of Maharashtra. SO I guess he has partially succeeded. The truth is far from that though. Beating up our own countrymen, instigating people on the basis or origin, creating a rift, etc. blah blah blah. Anyway, let me not get into it too much.
I love the diversity in Maharashtra. I dont know of any other state with such a diverse population. I have had the privilege to travel to various corners of Maharashtra. I've been to the little villages and seen how they live and I've lived and travelled to various cities. I know the changes and differences between the two types of lifestyles. The difference astounds and amazes me. I've never seen such a variety before.
We are also way ahead in the corporate, marketing, and manufacturing sector. A friend of mine has started a company in Bangalore. She will soon open up a couple of factories here in Maharashtra. The reason: "Maharashtra has the potential no other place has", she said. We're ahead in the game and lets keep it that way. Plus, other states depend on us for various reasons. So we're also shouldering responsibilities.
I hope we continue to excel the same way.
Oh,another thing bothering me is that we, the Maharashtrians, put our state before our nation, which is obviously wrong. People need to learn to co-operate with other people of different states as well. We Maharashtrians need not be the hard headed people who just go around bashing up others who dont seem compatible.
I hope you guys do read my comment and contemplate over it.

Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Sourabh..Yaa Maharashtra is a good state..U should visit it once...And Thanks for visiting my blog..and my heartiest thanks for posting ur comment..bcoz this is done by few ones..Who are witty....and Ill go thru ur blog tonight..

Writing Buddha said...

Wilshire, u r right..even I feel that Raj Thackeray has achieved the target wat he wanted to...He doesnt luv his state and its people..he just love his name and fame..and he got that...and I think even he is a big personality of Maharashtra now even though with all the crimes ...But its good not to talk about this useless crap who is gud for nothing..and Yes...There is little prob with the people living in Maharastra that they treat people of different states as inferior..We sud work on this..and sud learn sumthing even from them..

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