29 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

My cousin-Abhinav shocked me !!!

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        Today the CBSE results of 10th std was announced. I didn't had any idea that the results are going to be out today. I was sleeping and dreaming a sexy hot dream with a beautiful girl when my phone started singing the ringtone. I was in the way to Kiss the girl on her cheeks but as soon as my lips were near to her cheek's red colour skin, I woke up because of this call. Went and saw the phone screen and my Chacha's name was flashing. I never thought that Chacha will call at this moment in the morning and I didn't even dreamed him coming and meddling in my romantic dreams. But whatever he is my chacha and he has some approvals to interfere in my dreams. I picked the phone. To my surprise, It wasn't Chacha but Chachi. I welcomed,"Namastey Chachiji!!" 

    "Namastey Beta" 
    A pause in between which meant that she wasn't interesting in chatting more with me.
    "Chachiji wait , I'll give the phone to mummy"
   Handed it to my dear mother who was still asleep. Oh !!! This was the first time when I woke before her in this vacations.
    My mother started chatting and with some beautiful words I deciphered that my cousin brother- Abhinav who was in 10th have got his result today. I was then going mad to know his score..Mummy said to him,"Ye le Veeru Bhaiyya se bhi baat karle."

    I asked,"Aur bhaai kitney percentage aaye?"
   Abhinav replied," 84% "
   For some seconds, there was no words to speak, my heart stopped beating at a normal rate, my ears were to go deaf. Abhinav and 84%. Are my dreams switched over to the imaginary stories or something like that? Because Abhinav can't score so much.
   I replied,"Arre bhai, tune to hilaa diya..Maza aa gaya sun ke..Baakiyo ko bataya k nahi? Bahut se logo ki aadat hai na fudakkne ki, unko bata zara."
   My brother is not less naughty than me," Arre bhaiiyya , pehla call aap hi ko kiya hai..Abhi bata ke zara subka fudakna bund karte hain."
   I replied,"Very good. Tune toh subka mooh bund kar diya."
   He replied," Aapne kahaa tha na aapse jyaada laane k liye ..Sub bhaai behno se..Dekho main laya naa."
   I don't know why was he telling this? I scored just 61%. Till then I was the highest percenter in 10th among my brother and sisters..i.e. Cousins..And he had directly marked himself at 85%. He is far ahead than us..There's no chance that he was trying to take a lead from my score.
   I said,"Arre yaar, mere to bahut kamm they..Tune to dhamaal kar diya..Chal ab baad me baat karenge..Subko ye khush khabri de de."
           Abhinav Ruhela - He is my cousin, actually, My naughtiest cousin..He is uncontrollable when it comes to his naughtiness. He can irritate you a lot and you can't do anything except suffering him. Everybody kept thrashing him because he used to be friendly and mastikhor with everyone. He never studied well..And this is why every relative came and gave him big big lectures for not studying and everyone scolded him. Even he didn't used to keep quiet. Used to reply something weird so that the relatives go mad in fury and anger..Hahaha...He has failed once in his 9th Standard and his teachers and tutors of coaching class always complained about him that he never attends and so everyone thought that he is a dull boy and a useless fellow and is not going to perform all his life. All the relatives used to say,"Hamari to ye poori generation hi khraab ho gai hai." They used to say this as in logo ne bahut bada naam kamaya hai padh-likh ke..But chalo hum log sun lete they..Chchotey hone k naatey.. But now, Abhinav has shocked everyone with his score. He has proved everyone wrong..With a result , he had replied to every relatives who used to give him lectures on studies. He has made this generation of our clan feel Proud.
            I'm so proud of you Abhinav that It made me write this blog for you..You are great..You are unpredictable. Still, I have never written any blog for any of my relatives giving a single one so much priority but today you have pulled me to write about you.. You are the best Chchupa Rustom of this World. You look something else and you do something else. I am so proud that you have scored much more than me. I was just First class passed in my 10th standard but you are much ahead than Distinction. You have rocked the floors and I bless you to score a lot more in your future. Hope you select a good field and work a lot on it and keep progressing all your life in the same way. We all know we aren't financially so strong but I would like you to gift your parents a safe and healthy old age. I hope you will provide them with all the luxuries. I hope you become something and I am also trying to be a Writer here..Hope when the next time we will meet each other, both of us will be successful. I can imagine the happiness Chachaji and Chachiji would be going through. Its an emotional moment for everyone of us. Abhinav..I love you bro..Keep it up..

Your Elder Brother,


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Hirana said...

hmm...congrats to ur bro.. even i was like him. everyone expected a lot from my sis and she definitely did meet their expectations, but no one ever expected anything from me and to each ones surprise i scored the max in all 13 cousins of mine... vo kehte hai naa, jo garajte hai vo baraste nahi... aur jinhe barasna hota hai, vo kisi se kehte nahi.. all the best..keep going.. god bless...

Vinayak said...

congrats to your bro
Very nicely written

Writing Buddha said...

thanks Vinayak..ill convey ur message to my bro

Writing Buddha said...

Oh wow.its good to see that my madam was also chchupa rustom...very nice......loved that u competed all ur 13 cousins..

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