18 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Rude Reply to the Fiction-Bloggers !!!

            198TH BLOG -->>

        Oh !!! So fascinating it was right now while writing 198th blog..A big number..An unbelievable number..An Unexpected number...A level where I have reached is the level where I thought I may be but alone..I didn't knew that there will be great supporters like you all..I'm happy that Im reaching where many would have dreamed but would have left the way in the middle of the journey because it may have seemed very hard and tough..I continued and I have reached here..Many bloggers pointed out that are you interested in creating a hype of blogs..What do u do daily on your blogs? Why don't you write qualitative blogs rather than writing it in quantity this way? I would like to question you all..What do you all do in your blogs? In 365 days, the average blog you all have posted are 50 or something...and what are they? Short Fiction Stories in just 55 words which you all call as 55-er Fiction.. What do you all get by writing this? Is this what you call Qualitative Blog? If Yes then sorry, I'm not interested in distributing qualities on my blog..I'm happy distributing quantity..

              Writing a short 55 words fiction stories and thinking that you are a writer because you can create imaginary stories doesn't make you God of Writings and Blogs..Write something which touches the heart of readers and your friends..I love when people read my blog and they say that you are a good human being..They say that we love reading your blogs..your job is good..But when it comes to the writers like you, I have always seen that the comments you get are from the other writers who are also interested in writing fictions..Why don't you receive comments from your friends? You all are engaged in publicizing your blog..You accept awards and then keep on talking about them and distributing it to others..What is this? Is this the motive behind writing blogs? I want to sue these type of bloggers..Go to hell..Many are like me..Who write daily..They talk about themselves..Their success..Their failure..Their experience..Their dream..Everything..This is what Writer is..Not all of you..Writing a fiction in 55 words and then giving a moral to the story..We don't want social and moral messages..We have newspaper and magazines like India Today for all this..We want to know you and your experiences..Give this to us..Not the foolish imaginary stories..

             I'm not saying that Im the best blogger..Im saying that the genre in which Im writing is the best..and I love every writer of this genre..and so I love reading Big B's blog ..He talks about himself and his views..I love many other bloggers who talk about themself in their blog..On WWW...try creating a new atmosphere rather than the same social awareness and thoughts..Accepting and distributing awards isn't the job of writers...and bloggers...Their job is to keep writing till the extent their fingers gets affected with Cancer..Im kidding..but Keep writing valuable blogs rather than show-offs..I have less Followers comparing to the others who write because I dont distribute awards..I have less clicks on my blog because I dont publicize my blog..I dont get much comments because I don't call other bloggers to read my blog..I'm just happy with my genre and my style of writing..I don't want to change it..Many writers are interested in spreading their reviews about the books and movies..Yaa..Its good..I appreciate even that kind of work..But fictions and fictions and fictions..Go Idiots..Go and write a fiction novel then..Let me see your book vindicates in the bestseller or no..and Im sure it will be rejected by the audiences..

              Bloggers also say that I write lengthy blogs daily which can irritate readers..No..Nobody ever have said that your blogs are lengthy..Lengthy blogs aren't lengthy if they are interesting..But a short writing can be felt as lengthy if its boring..and your 55-er fiction is shit and pee and phart..I hate your genre of writing..Just to increase your marks you all keep doing chutiagiris on your WWW..Be satisfied with what you are..rather than doing materialistic jobs and getting popular..I'm happy Im not much popular but still Bigadda.com ranked me 2nd..Still Im indiranked as 63..Still a CEO of magazine has called me..Why? Because my writings has touched their soul..They came to know about a new person..A boy..A boy with lots of dream and passion..A boy who was a loser and who can be in future..They came to know about the boy who want to do many thing..The boy who doesn't run back from the efforts and hates the rest..But what do they come to know from your blogs? About that imaginary characters in the short stories..Hell...Bloggers ..Hell...Don't judge me..Augment yourself first rather than pulling and pushing me..Leave me in my world..and you all enjoy in your disastrous world..

            Thanks people for reading my replies to all the blogger who kept on thrashing me for my genre of blogs..They hated me because I wrote about me everyday..I shared my views on different topics everyday..But atlast..before my 200th blog..I gave them my reply...Hope they will love it a lot..



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Anonymous said...

198 post!! you seem to have come a long way in blogging!Congrats for that!!
I really appreciate the type of genre you are writing! It is not easy a task to stick up to your passions when you are not being recognized and duly appreciated.

I feel the blogs can be typically classified into 4 types..
1) Those who write fiction.
2)Those who write personal stuff(your genre)
3)Those who write both the 1 & 2 type.
4) Those who have no sense at all or too much of info on a particular topic or others.

I being the type 3 blogger, feel that be it fiction or non fiction we all have a right to express our thoughts. The medium of our thoughts could as well be a fiction.
The comments and blog ratings have nothing to do with your blog being good or not! All that matters is us doing what we like.
And when someone does something with true passion,it can't go unrecognized and unappreciated!

:~) Cheers,

Writing Buddha said...

Archu...u r right...but at first thanks for reading my blog and commenting on it...and now...Yaa 198 blogs...The journey has been wonderful...Wow..I must say...A record set by me...I just love wenenver i see the number 198...And I dont hate fiction writers..Im just saying that writing it again and again doesnt give charm yaar...its better to read a fiction novel by gr8 writers than reading the fiction by some bloggers again and again..and yaa those who write personal stuffs..they are using the blog in a right manner...Even I have written blogs but that too on my life..u can see them in the labels of fiction..and Its not lyk My work is not recognized..I received 65 comments at my 100th blog..Im just saying that I dont call any1 on my blog..I just invite my frnds to read them..bcoz I want them to know me..I dont call anonymous writers to come and appreciate my works..
But u r on my blog..Its a big pleasure..U r gr8 and u r commenting..I saw ur blog too...Its mast..I enjoyed it..

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