20 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Sai Baba is Better than Shiva or Allah !!!

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        Its Thursday and with this its Sai Baba's day today and hence Its my fasting today..The 3rd Fasting of this series..I read the Chalisa in the morning after bath and after that Mummy gave me a glass of milk and now I am here..Its so good to close your eyes and keep enchanting Om Sai Raam..Om Sai Raam..This is not done because Sai Baba will land on earth to bless us..Its because we love him a lot..and we want him to listen how much we love him..With this we also need his blessings..Not because we don't want any problem to enter our life..But because we want to solve the problems strongly and firmly without fear and shiverings..Sai Baba never asked me to pray and worship him..I myself do this..Why? Because I was at Nashik for 2 years..While I was living in Nashik..I saw many people going crazy for the worship of Sai Baba..I thought lets test if Sai Baba favors me too..I asked for an impossibility from him and surprisingly I got it in the time period of the month which I wasn't getting from last 2 to 3 years..I was astonished..I was moved..I was blessed too...And with this , I too started repeating only one name daily...Om Sai Raam...

             This is the only person who is prayed by everyone..By every caste..Why? Because the man didn't discriminated any caste..Like Ram and Lord Shiva has discriminated..They bless only Hindus..Allah too is the same..He blesses only Muslim and not gairs..But when it comes to Sai Baba..He gave an equivalent love to everyone...For him, there was only one prospect- Every human is a human who needs love..and if you are considering the God..Then there is only one God who exists for the whole clan of Human being...This Hindu Muslim and various castes are the foolishness formed by the humans which should be ignored and thrown away from our life...And Yaa..I love this message of Sai Baba..I have no problem in eating at a Muslim's or Christian's home..I have no problem in sharing my water bottle with Ms and Cs...If I'll count my enemies...The list will be having only and only Hindus...No Muslims and Christians..So this is not my greatness or something..This is the greatness of Sai Baba which I'm also following..I don't worship any Hindu Lord and Goddess because they bless only Hindus..and that is why I have no targets of following Islam after reading Quran too..No..Because the Allah too bless only Muslims..I love Sai Baba..He blesses All...Sai Baba is the greatest..I can say this vociferating because I'm ready to fall in any debate and polemic and controversy if this is talked upon that why do I prefer Sai Baba over Hindu's God and Muslim's God and other religion's God..

            Today, before starting any work, I take the name of Sai Baba once..Even if I lose after that..I don't blame and accuse Baba for it but I try to find my mistake and thank Sai Baba for giving me so much intellect that I'm at least trying to find out my mistakes rather than blaming others that because of them I failed and didn't tasted the essence of Success..Before starting my Senior College..I visited Sai temple in Panvel...Before going and performing in every rounds of Fresher competition..I took the name of Sai Baba...Before performing in my sem-1 , I took the name of Sai baba...Before participating on every fest days I took the name of Baba..now that's a different thing that I won only in one of them..And therefore, even today..when I'm reaching a big level in my blogging world..going to touch 200 blogs when the next time I'll write..Im taking only the name of Sai Baba in today's blog..because still I don't know that what am I going to write in my 200th..It will be all what Sai Baba will bless me with..Either the blog will be the most stupid one which I'll write..or the most interesting blog I ever wrote..No Idea..

              Last time when I wrote 100th Blog...and that too was a big level for me..I received 65 comments on it..which was unbelievable..It was like a feel of a famous writer in me..and then the journey kept on going and now...I'm on my 200th Blog...and its a big feeling..Will the 200th blog create a record? Will it gain more comments compared to the great 100th blog? I have no idea..but I have lots of expectations from my readers...I hope that tomorrow when I'll write 200th blog..All of you will enter as a King and bless me with the power so that I can write more..Hope that people will feel proud for me as they felt when Sachin touched 200* ...Hahaha..Yaa I want to be so special..And it depends all and all on the people like you all..who just keep me encouraging and appreciating..Only 1 or 2 foolish peoples are there who keeps on criticizing my blog and I want them to be far away from ARB..I don't want them to ruin their mind by reading the blog of the person they don't like..and I also want to be far away from their comments..Hope Sai Baba blesses me with all the peace..when I'll enter the world of 200th Blog.Double Century..Till then people wait for the 200th and hope that I'll entertain you a lot with that one..



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Anonymous said...

.....u r totally wrong...u r dividing gods..which is not good...all are 1 the difference is that,we only call them wid diff names...after reading this ,sai baba will not b happy about ur thoughts...u write blogs dat dosent mean dat u r right..
dont do this mistake again...


Writing Buddha said...

I write lobgs that doesnt means I m right..its ok ...its fine..But u dont write your name while posting comment..and write a big Anonymous ...is this Right? I atleast have a big confidence in saying wat I feel is right...but u dont have confidence even in writing a comment...So first reveal ur name who u r..and then we will talk further on this topic..till then..Sai Baba is the best...

Wilshire said...

Wait a minute. Is Sai Baba really a God?! are you guys sure? I was told he is a saint, like saint Eknath. Besides, I never knew Shiva or Lord Ram or Allah blesses and protects only his devotees and no one else, as you said. Many a times my friends share their worries with me and ask me to include them in my prayers. As far as I know, God will help anyone who is in need. Humility is an important trait that religion teaches us. I see you lack it.
And I really cant believe that you said that you are okay with eating in a Muslims or Christians house, or sharing your water with a Muslim or a Christian. The simple reason you stated that was because you must be having reservations in your mind, or you know of such people and you're stating this to show that you're unlike them. Either way, this indicates that such people do exist who reserve their opinion about others based on their religion. Appalling indeed. I was taught that all people are equal, irrespective of caste, religion or ethnicity.
It really is saddening for a well educated person like yourself to say "My God is better than your God." You didn't actually say it out loud, but you did mean it. Also, I'd like to bring to your notice that "Allah" means "God". And it is irrespective of religion. In other words, even you and I can say "Allah" and still refer to God.
If you want to say something or want to prove I'm wrong somewhere or if you want to have a healthy debate on this, I'm all for it. Eventually I don't want to prove I'm right. Instead I want to show you where you are wrong so that you can know what is amiss and correct yourself.

VeeKay said...

Abhilash!! thats a good post...Although u had misconceptions about GOD, I overlook it, because it is but natural that people have their own opinions about god..I totally understand ur love for shiridi saibaba..I love him too..Om sai ram..:)

Drop in here and read this post of mine..I am sure you will get a clear picture about gods..:)


Writing Buddha said...

Thanks Vamsi for taking me so positively..I respect u for this otherwsie the comment above urs..Is the one which has made my day a spoiled one..And now after this comment Im signing into ur post...lets see wat I get from it..

Wilshire said...

Dude! I cant believe you said that my comment spoilt your day! I thought you take criticism in a positive way. Well, you should. And I clearly stated that if you want a healthy debate to project your views I'm all for it. But rather you commented that my comment has spoilt your day! I cant believe you, an avid writer, an ardent blogger said that! I was expecting a mature reply from you bro.
You didn't accept my invitation to put forth your views. Or rather, you didn't see it as an invitation. Rather, you saw it as a challenge.
Well anyway, my views, my comments. I wish you would look at me as "just another reader" and try to challenge my view. That way, the reader will know that you're firm on your point. You need to be firm on your point. You need to know what you're talking Abhilash! I'm not talking about this blog. I'm talking about blogs in common. If any reader asks you or opposes or challenges your views, dont hold back. Go ahead and prove you're right. Thats would be the right thing to do! Continue writing blogs passionately! I'm with you, always!

Writing Buddha said...

Actually..You know what Wilshire...Till my school time..I didnt had feelings about castes and religions..Nothing I had regarding this..But after that I went to Azam Campus..Poona college in Pune Camp area..There were all muslims and they ill--treated me a lot..They said such painful words for my caste on my face that I felt so much of depression hearing it..And thus this type of feeling had arised in me that this is Muslim..and thus...I said ki Sai Baba is the best for me to follow as he doesnt initiates a particular caste...Everyone prays him and visit Shirdi...All the caste..This is wat I wanted to say in this blog and nothing else..But u took it in very otehr way...and thus I was little depressed to read ur comment..Thats all..

Wilshire said...

ohh!!! now i get wot you wanted to say!!
u shud have said the same thing in ur blog na, about how you think Sai Baba is for everyone, irrespective of caste or religion. Anyway,thxx for clearing the air!
I'm sorry I mistook ur blog. Even i heard d same abt Poona college. Remember, the ppl who say such things automatically prove wot kind of values they have, wot kind of upbringing, traditions, education they have. But still I dont think all the students are like that, are they? I really dont kno. I'm guessing.
I'd like to tell u sumthing. Forget all bad memories. just dont let them crop up in ur head! block them out right away! But, recall and cherish all the good memories. They'll be with you for life. TC. keep writing!

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