27 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Thanks For The Success of 200th / KITES !!!

        201st BLOG -->>

         Finally , as the law of the nature says that we should keep moving ahead in our life, I am leaving my 200th blog post behind and starting my journey again. It was a feel-like-heaven to witness the showers of the comments from all my friends and other bloggers. The way you all have responded back to my 200th blog post has made me pious for my blogs much more than what I was formerly. Many friends who commented on my blog were like apparition as they never commented before on my blogs. I was just going crazy and loopy watching the comments , moderating and approving them and at last replying them. You all made this 200th blog post the biggest blog of my career as I have received the highest number of comments on this one. Total comments I have received on my 200th blog post is "82". The last highest comment I received was on the 100th that was 65. This blog gave the lead by 17 comments which makes me erroneous for predicting that no blog in future will be capable of breaking the record of 100th blog's comment. But you all made the sentence true that if you are dreaming to fly, even the sky moves little upwards as it knows that your limit isn't to touch it but to go above it. Now, with the happiness and blithe , there is also nervousness and a fear for my future. 82 Comments..Its very very excellent but will my 300th blog or any blog will be successful in breaking this great record? I hope I'll get more readers till the time I reach my 300th blog. In the way comments were taking its place on my 200th blog post, I was feeling for a while that comments will touch 100 but the last two days has been little vertigo if talking about the flow of comments on my 200th..I want to bring a notice too that I used 60 difficult words in the 200th post which I think would have helped many of you to raise the level of your English..
                 I saw KITES in a cheap cinema this week. The name of the Cinema is RUPALI and it is in PANVEL where I'm living. This theatre is made for the purpose of serving rickshawwala , thelaa waala, paan waala and different low-grades people. They were coming to this theatre to watch with their items who were the black-beauty of New Mumbai. Even that girls were professional..Some of them were sabjiwaali , machchiwaali and even kachdaa and bhangaar waalis. I knew the theatre is of this category but I went to watch the film here because the Indian Reviews scared me by claiming KITES as horrible for the bollywood lovers. So, I thought , inspite of wasting 150 bucks on this movie lets get my work done in 50 rupees. The name of this screen was RUPALI MAGIC and I witnessed the magic for the 1st time in the theatre when I saw the marks of spits even on the screen where the movie was to be played. But one serious magic was also there..Mistakenly, there was Air Conditioners inspite of Exhaust fans which I expected was going to make me cool in this scorching heat. But I was surprised to figure out that how will the KITES be understood to these people who don't know any language except some abuses in Marathi and Bihari languages. Everyone maintained the pin-drop silence in the theatre as none of them understood what was going in the movie as the whole movie was speaking either in English or where they got chance they spoke in Spanish. The only thing they understood in the movie was the Hindi Songs on which they were screaming as their small brother is getting married and Baaraat is going to reach the bride's residence. 

             KITES didn't dissappointed me much as film was made in the Hollywood taste and I got it in the start itself. Something irritated me was No use of Hindi Language in the dialogues. Injustice with the very matured and good actress Kangana Ranaut, she don't even have the role of 5 minutes in the movie. Hrithik Roshan was again at his best.. Barbara Mori did her role as best as she could have done. Film was OK-OK as it wasn't lengthy ..It was just of 127 minutes. And everything is a rumour about the hot scenes of Hrithik n Barbara.. There wasn't any scenes as such..At last, Both Hrithik and Barbara dies but they have shown it as both of them meet in the water they jump into and it is shown in the same way as they show in the climax of Titanic movie that all the dead people are alive and welcoming the Actor or actress..I don't remember right now..SO it doesn't ends the movie at a sad note.. But none of the part of the movie touches your heart..Not even romantic scenes and not even sad and emotional scenes..Only thing which touches your heart is the music of Rajesh Roshan and the dance moves by Hrithik Roshan..I would say if you want to enjoy KITES ..go and watch it in theatre itself even if its like the RUPALI MAGIC where I saw it...and watch it once and watch it pragmatically and not according to the reviews you have read in the papers and heard on the news channels..Kindly ignore them and watch the movie wit a fresh and vacant mind and try to review it yourself.

           Thanks and a THANK more for making the 200th blog the biggest blog of ARB...


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