2 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

India Won The Match / Housefull is HIT !!!

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             Indian cricket team won the first match of T-20 World Cup today against Afghanistan. A nice start..Its always good to start with a big win..Even in cricket and also in the life which we take for granted..I'm happy that Indian team won this one otherwise our dear media would have started again that Indian team is nothing without Sachin..And Im happy that players showed that they can do their best even without Sachin Tendulkar.. I'm not against Sachin's knocks and incredibility..but it feels so bad that even when Sachin plays a normal innings..and the team wins...then only Sachin is talked about and else 10 players are taken as they were supporting actors..A team cannot win without each and everyone's contribution..then how come Indian team wins only on the basis of Sachin...I want to question this to Media? I don't know why Media acts so stupidly..Today my father didn't allowed me to watch television..because of which I missed the first game of India..But Im not so sad..I have lived for 20 years...Aur aajtak kitney matches dekhey hain..Kya faayda hua aaajtak? aur agar unhe na dekh paata toh kya nuksaan ho jata? I wasted a lot of time on Mumbai Indians..Didn't even prepared for my exams because of the matches of Mumbai Indians..What happened in the last? Mumbai lost and I was in amidst of sorrow..So its better not to follow tournaments so passionately that You are so much attached to the team and players that more than them, you feel bad for the lost.. But Im happy today..How soon the sadness came and how fast it left me..This is what is called game.With every chance you are tensed..and after the next chance..You relax...This is the definition of games...Games cannot be played without tension and managing our present for the future..Games are the best example for life..You have to improve your present because your future is totally dependable on how you are playing right now..Same is with life..So concentrate on your present..so that your future gives you a Positive result..

             Sajid Khan directed his second movie under the production of Sajid Nadiadwala..His first film was Heyy Babyy..The film which bought smile on people's face after many days because that was the period when no bollywood humour-based film was giving the people a chance to laugh uncontrollably..Heyy Babbyy was super-duper hit and with that Sajid was known all over in B-Town as a good comedy-movie director..After that he started working on the movie HOUSEFULL again with the same 2 of the 3 actors-Akshay and Riteish..and he predicted and proclaimed at the initial period of the shoot that HOUSEFULL will be the biggest hit of the year when it will be releasing..He said it with some confidence..I thought that a men has turned proudy , now even God cannot save him from the failure..But on this 30th April,2010 , film released and broke all the previous records of Akshay Kumar's film..Housefull has got the biggest opening ever from all the movies of Akshay Kumar..A good news for Akshay Kumar who has given many flops incessantly in series without fail..He had been able to collect people this time..Riteish got his hit after the flop-RANN...Deepika got her Hit after the flop-Karthik Calling Karthik..Jiya Khan got her hit after a Blockbuster hit- Ghajini..Lara Dutta got her hit after the flop- BLUE..In short, I must say that Housefull was a last chance for every actor to prove themself as a good actor...And they have showed a green signal of their acting skill...I am not excited to watch this movie in hall but I will surely watch them on DVD after the exam gets over..I'm excited for KITES...Hrithik..You are coming..Come and Blast everyone..

               Tomorrow is the last day for preparing for my 5th exam..i.e. Business Environment.. Hope I'll study candidly without wasting time on Twitter and checking my updates on net..I'm very sad with this useless activities which has penetrated my life...Want to ignore them..Chalo Im moving now ....



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Unknown said...

Akshay has given many hits and will reamin a comman mans hero. Your excitement about Hrithik is stupid as he can only hide behind his once a flop actor dad Roshan. SRK too can only be guarded by YRF and Amir after many flops have grown up. At the end its only Akk and Sallu wo are real heroes and work with any director and producer. this is called confidence and thats what you now need for your so called exam!!!

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