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Teachers Who Contributed for my 1st Year Graduation !!!

             191ST BLOG -->>
        So my dear readers and friends, Thanks for loving my blogs..At last 189th reached 21 comments and became the second highest comment-scorer blog..Thanks for giving so much of love and apreciation to that blog..A bow to everyone who read it.Finally, I have reached 90s..and again Im going to complete century of blogs..Waiting for the moment..I have described all the pleasures given to me from my classmates and seniors..But A college life is incomplete without a group of certain people..Guess? Obviously..Teachers...Without teachers, there is no meaning to a college life..Some good teacher, some strict teacher, some funny teachers...They are the part of our conversation for more than 90% of times..It is said that School or College is our Second home..And teachers are our Second Parents...It is also said that once a very witty and intelligent, knowledgeable saint was said to bow infront of anyone..Teacher or God...The saint said undoubtedly, Im touching the feets of my teacher..because whatever knowledge I have and whatever I am today is just because of my teacher..God was just a medium to let both of us meet here on the earth..But whatever I have today in me..Knowledge..Language..Speech..All is given to me through my auspicious teacher..So teacher owes such an importance in our life..

              This one year I had many teachers to teach me..I would like to talk personally about them whom I liked very much..In the first semester..Zaheer sir was my class-teacher..The most gentle teacher I would say in Bharati Vidyapeeth...well-dressed, well-mannered..He was knowledgeable and was good at teaching..He taught us C Programming..and just because of his conduct of teaching the subject, it was possible for me to excel in the programs and coding..I gained 71 marks in his subject..Highest in the class..Credit goes to him first and then to me..The only drawback in my favourite teacher of 1st semester was Partiality..Then I would like to talk about Divya Mam-the most beautiful teacher of our college..She taught us English and the way she used to speak was so soft and melodious that I felt sometimes she was a teacher form of Lata Mangeshkar..The way she used to say,"Abhilash beta, aisa nahi hota hai..Aap galat kar rahe ho." Wow..Very nice..She was the mixture of Wisdom and Beauty..She kept herself upgraded with the new trends and gens..and above everything..She used to teach us English, my favourite subject...

                This semester I had Taruna madam...The teacher who impressed me the most in the whole academic year..She had degrees of all the three streams- Arts, Science , commerce and even Medical..Wow..Wonderful..As I love multi-talented people..I saw madam carefully..She was different..This madam has given me the biggest success of my 1st academic year..Till the time , I gave my presentation only a girl in my class scored 10 out of 10 in it..I was the second..Madam clapped for me after my presentation..Before this madam had not clapped for anyone else..Then she asked me two questions..I answered them confidently..She again clapped..And with it she proudly gave me 10 out of 10..Then talking about assignment..The only child who gained 10 out of 10 in assignments is me..Just because of madam..And she divulged and appreciated me infront of the whole class...When I gave the audition for the dance on fest..She was the judge..and so beautifully she commented..She said that Abhilash you have beautiful eyes..Try keeping them open all in the performance except in the wordings where sad expressions is needed..Your eyes are beautiful and it should be noticed while you dance..Wow..A very nice compliment..Thank you mam..

                 Now, talking about Snehal madam who taught Organizational Behaviour..This was the only lecture I used to wait impatiently..I liked reacting and debating and arguing with the mam..Actually mam had little ego problems bcoz of which she always criticized students..I think I was the only student she had appreciated mostly..She is the only madam who gave so much weightage to my blogs..She used to talk about my blogs daily and read it too..Thank you mam..For my article in DNA..when Taruna mam gifted 1 mark of internal for that..This madam gifted 10 marks to me for that article..Thanks a lot madam for motivating me this way..Hope to see you in next semester too..

               Last but not the least, I would like to talk about Gajanan Sir..Who taught us IT in 1st semester and Data Structure in the 2nd sem..The Sir who is the friend of everyone..The Sir who is loved by every student of the college..When it is talked about that Iss college ka toh system hi khraab hai..then people add to it..Sirf ek Gajanan Sir hi atcha hai..He thinks from the desire point of view of students..Bless every student with good internals without any much assignments..Bless students with notes and every easy resource..Gajanan Sir is great..Very weak by personality but very strong by heart..God bless you Sir....

             At last, I would like to thank all my good and great teachers for giving me so much priority all the year..I will never forget the time you all have devoted for us..I remember every word you said for me and to me..I remember every judgmental statements of yours which you made for me..Im utilizing it even today and will keep focusing on them all my life to aggrevate myself..I will not let you down..I will make you feel proud that Abhilash Ruhela was the boy who was taught by you..Just be the same you are..Don't change..Keep smiling and spreading the knowledge selflessly..I owe my all the success to all of you..Thanks...

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Anonymous said...

Hii Abhilash,
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Waiting for your revert


Abhilash Ruhela said...

Hey mam, I have replied to your comment or I can say mail..hahaha..Im interested in the opportunity you are blessing me with....THanks al ot..

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