3 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

India Won Again-Raina Rocked / Kasab's Final Judgement Tomorrow!!!

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               So, A Win for India again..Extra-ordinary team..India had two matches continuously for two days and India won both the matches..They didn't gave any excuses..This is how you should play..You should act consistently in Sports and in your skills..You shouldn't give excuses as I didn't got time to rest and i-was-tired situations. India batted first and made a powerful score of 186 runs..Raina played a beautiful match..He scored 101* in 60 balls..His bat vociferated 9 fours and 5 sixes..Raina is a great batsmen but our dear media didn't gave him the publicity like Dhoni and Yuvraj..With this 101*, Raina is the 3rd batsmen in the world to complete century in T-20 world cup..and is the 1st batsmen in India to create this history..With this, He is also an only Indian in the TOP 10 Highest Run-Scorers in T-20 at 3rd position..Raina is also the highest run scorer in all the IPLs together..Raina was the Man of the Match of the final of IPL-3..Chennai won the IPL-3 only because of Raina otherwise Kisi ki kahaan aukaat hai Tendulkar ke saamne khadey hone ki..So when a batsmen is performing with such a blast..and not once..but is doing this consistently..should be given more coverage..Newspaper have wasted so many papers talking on Lalit Modi and out-of-form players like Yuvraj Singh but they haven't given coverage about Raina..This is called injustice..India should concentrate on this..Should give the part to the person who is eligible for it..Now, with this Win , India has qualified to Super-8..Expecting a World -Cup this time..Indian boys, plz fulfill the dreams..

             As said by the court, newspaper and news channels, tomorrow is the Final verdict on Kasab..Once before 2 months, I heard that Kasab's judgement will be surely passed the next day..and today I have heared this again...I don't know what will happen tomorrow..But I would say one thing what I feel...Tomorrow the judgement should be passed..Kasab shouldn't be hanged..He should be made a servant for the jail permanently for all his life..Brooming, cleaning, washing utensils and clothes of jailors..Kasab should be made to do all this activities..He should be made to do sit-ups for 183 times everyday, the number of people he killed in Taj with his friends..Death is no good solution for this kind of human being..He should be treated as a terrorist and not like a social leader..He has not only killed human beings...He has also misrepresented his country as terrorist .... He has tried to ruin the name of Islam..He had tried to show womens in the rooms of hotel that man are stronger and thus they have tried to rule their bodies..Kasab is just said as a terrorist...But for me he owns many names...I would not like to state them as judicial court are the final judge..I, as Indian, should respect whatever verdict they pass for Kasab..If they hang, I agree...If they don't, I agree...As an Indian, this is my part of play...I also have a right to speech and right of democracy...Which I have used above..I have given my judgement..What should be done with Kasab..Else what our court and judge decide is the final statement..Lets wait for tomorrow and hope for the best for all the families who have lost their precious part on the day these terrorist ruled Mumbai...

                My second-last exam tomorrow..It is about Business Environment..I'm a son of an engineer-manager...I have no relation with business..So this subject is playing very hard with me..It has made me weapon-less..I have no instrument to bypass this subject and excel in this..Very hard game..Studying and graduating with regular college is a hard play..I thought that being a graduate is just a game of 3 years which can be played as easily as we play our games of mobiles..But after coming to graduation, Im feeling a sense of responsibility..and an approach to focus on the field I have decided to augment my future with...Lets see..What happens tomorrow..I'll do my best what I can or I'll do the worst which I oftenly do...Uff!!! A fear from the people after saying this who incessantly keep wishing me luck and expecting good from me..If they will read this..They will be furious..But Truth remains the eternal power at last..Chalo Im moving...Kasab Murdabad...Indian Cricket team..Zindabad...


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