9 May 2010 | By: Writing Buddha

Funny - MOTHER's DAY- A Must Read !!!

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       On this Mother's Day, I promise everyone of you that I'll introduce you with the most beautiful mother of this world..She will be the mother of my own children..But it will take 7 to 8 years from now to introduce her..Till then..Plz keep deciding what will be my children's name..Uff..Useless talks apart..Happy Mother's Day to every mother of this world who love their children without any desire of getting some aspects in return..They haven't decided any assets to retaliate for the good deeds she is passing on to her son or daughter or both..I still remember when I was in 11th, a dissentient teacher..who had big moustache..big beard..big eyes..big stomach..big bums..Everything was big..asked me What is Mother? ..I replied A WORD..Everyone was stunned to hear such a stupid answer..Now that big man turned into a big round of fire who was just planning to Fire me..He again asked,"What is Mother?" .. I again replied,"Noun." ..Now he was ardent to hit me..and I gave the answers coquettely...I wanted little fun to rathe..Again he asked,"Who is Mother?" Now I changed my answer a little and replied," A word which is full of emotions, love, affection and greatness..A word which can bring smile as early as possible and Tears as well..A word which can make any person to go till any level and a word which can also make a person to go loopy for stupid things..A word which can be used to blackmail anyone and a word to be utilized by anyone to motivate someone..A word which is impossible for any dictionary to define and a word which is easy to describe if you dont have its existence in your life..A word which can be violent if used as an abuse to someone and a word which can be used to turn violence into non-violence..

           Mother is Muslim's Allah, Hindu's Ishwar, Christian's Christ and Human's Creator. A mother is the creator of this world..A mother is the production house of this world..This word helps all of us to land on Earth and enjoy the pleasures of this unmeasured Earth..A mother for me is reason to live..A mother for me is reason to be here..A reason to study..A reason to make someone happy..A reason to make someone's life proud for my activities..A mother for me is my smile..my happiness and my satisfaction..Thats all , Sir..Should I continue or Should I be ready to be hit by you..or should I keep standing to receive your comment on my answer." After this, there was brightness in everyone's eyes..And there was Claps and plaudits for me..Sir responded back,"Whats your name?" I replied," Abhilash Ruhela but my mother calls me Veeru." He said,"If what you said is really coming out from your heart then you are the best child of this world.I have never found someone who have such good thoughts and ...such an immediate response for any question have never been experienced by me in my whole career of Teaching..I can easily predict that You are going to be poet in future." Sir, I dont know whether you remember or not, but see Im a Blogger and a Writer today..somewhat close to what you said..But I still thank god that I wasn't hit by you bcoz of the answers I gave earlier..

             Actually I did it purposely..I wanted him to be furious and when he will loose his patience..I will come out with a good one so that everyone gets shocked and moved by the sudden whim of me..That was the 3rd Day of the college..and a image build up so early made me little respectable in the class..I really feel bad for the people who replies on the question of mother that She had expired..Such a big remark is to say that Im a child with no mother around..Very sad..Hope God gives them someone who can treat them like a Mother..Today, I feel no hesitation in announcing infront of the whole world that after my mother if I had seen a mother's heart in someone in respect to me is my friend's Rohit's Mummy..After my mother, I consider her as my mother..She had done a lot for me..She always blessed me and prayed the best for me..For my good news, she had always been happy..For my sad news, she has always been in a state of sorrowness..A women who always treated me like her son..I saw her right from my childhood..and thus I never felt ashamed of sharing any kind of weird experiences with her..I have never ever said infront of everyone that She has been like a mother to me..But today..Claim has been done...Maybe surprise for many..but Its truth for me..

              Coming to my mother, I have said it all in the 173rd ARB.. Go through it..The most hard-working and a big-hearted lady I have seen..A multi-talented lady almost knowing every kind of house-hold jobs with perfection..She need not be respected for all this but she keeps doing and sharing good deeds..Friend of everyone..Old..Mediocre..Children..Everyone..My friends share everything with her as they know she is trustworthy , sweet and understandable..Very nice..Im proud of her..like every child is for their mother..Nothing big when I say this..So its nothing big if I talk about my mother..But It will be big if I'll talk about my children's mother who is still not present as my children are still to come..I'll feel very bad to romance with someone's mother..But what can I do beta..She is mother for you but a princess for me..Plz forgive me..Even you will get your princess one day, then you are not going to think that she is someone's daughter..Even she has mother ..How will her mother feel when she will see her daughter being romanced by you..So , Im not Sorry to you..Kindly think about this after you are born..Thanks..


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