28 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

What's a great deal if Muslims are denied a flat/job?

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       I have stopped talking on matters related to politics and religion on my blog because various faceless and nameless people starts trolling and calling me agent of some particular political party. But I need to discuss something today and I cannot resist myself. I heard a news where a 25 years old woman is not allowed to purchase a flat because she is a Muslim. Similarly, a young boy wasn't given a job because he is a Muslim. Well, why so hoopla around this? Is this something new that we are getting to know? This is always in society and no one can take it away now. India has got trapped into this and it will take more than a century if things will start changing even from now. Generation by generation, hatred for each other is imbibed as culture among us. How can you take away one's culture so easily? It will surely take years to go.

           And whenever Islam is considered, I do not know why it becomes a headline. If the same would have happened with Hindus, no one would have talked about it. It would have been just another case. I have seen Muslims calling Non-Muslims as "gair". I have seen Muslims greeting an unknown Muslim with Salaam but never a look towards a Non-Muslim. I have seen Muslims basically trying to give work to the man of their own religion than an outsider. I have seen lot many things that I do not wish to speak out here. Sometimes, get into those groups standing after Namaaz and chit-chatting. Just experience their extreme love towards their religion and aggression towards everyone not belonging to it. Recently, I was having dinner in a Muslim's function and I heard a 60 year old man talking to a young boy who was worried about what to do after 10th result. The man had this to suggest---> "Arey tum Islam mein paida hue ho isse jyada khushnaseebi kya ho sakti hai? Ispar hi gumaan karo aur Allah pe vishwas rakkho, gairon se pehle tumhe manzil milegi, Inshallah". 

           Whenever some Muslim killings happen in some region, I see 90% of Muslims speaking about it in sympathies and share number of posts showing how they have been only victim since the religions formed on the planet. But whenever there would be a Muslim terrorist caught for deaths of many innocent people, they have different theories to explain which tells how Muslims are illegally caught whenever any blast happens in the cities of India. Amazing! One of my friend believes till date that Osama Bin Laden is a creation of America and he does not exist in real. Even on his death, he said that nothing of this sort have happened and America is purposely creating story to tell how great a Superpower they are. Claps!

           I have nothing against Muslims but I have also seen society where Muslims are preferred and if you go for inquiry, they ask your name and says that all the flats are sold even when you must have seen the advertisement in the newspaper the same morning itself. I have also seen societies where only Jains or Christians or Hindus or Parsis or Muslims are allowed to have flats respectively. So all the religions are preferring only their people. Muslims need not show that they are the only victims on this Earth and been treated like animals. Please, for God's sake. What you give is what you get! 

            No news channel ever speak against reservation where because of being in General/Open category, we aren't getting admissions and jobs easily. But everyone is talking about how Muslims are ignored because of their religion. What about our religion? Show that a Rajput and Brahmin has to score higher than others to get admission. Show that the number of seats allocated to us for Government jobs are just in percentage when compared with others. Show how SC/ST/OBC are enjoying all the quota based schemes and General/Open are struggling to even see a dream. It will not be shown because that won't be accepted by many who are enjoying the flavors of being a man of some religion. But Muslims as a victim will always be discussed as many political parties are in power just because of this issue. Who gives votes to someone like Owaisi who speaks so ill about everyone who's against Islam or is a Non-Muslim? The people from Aurangabad as majority are Muslims there. So Muslims, stop pretending to be victim. Everyone of us are going through the same. For God's Sake! I do not have any sympathies for you as you are a Muslim just because even you do not have for me as I belong to General/Open category.



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Salman J - Roha & Pune said...

I never imagined to read such an article from you. A person with kindof influence and exposure you have should not have written such a polarising article.
No one can generalise an entire community on the basis of ghastly deeds of a few. I am well aware of your experiences but then again you seem to have forgotten there were certain people of the same community to support you through that time too.
And calling such behaviour as 'culture' is wrong. If this has become our culture then i am saddened and disheartened. Such behaviour with any community is against the secular principles of our country.
And yes even i fall under the general/open category and yes even i have fallen voctim to its mistakes. That does not allow me to hold grudges and hatred towards the said communities as such.
What is needed is a change in the psyche of our society and sonehow this post has encouraged such condemnable acts.
My friend, you disappoint me.

Hemant said...

"Osama Bin Laden is a creation of America and he does not exist in real" - I experienced the same sentiments from a colleague and I was like....wow....heights of ignorance.

Nishat Haveri said...

I am a muslim and open category. The debate is about being denied for something just because u belong to a community. It has nothing to do with reservations. I ve never seen a muslim enjoying any resevation benefits, just because he is muslim.
and yes if this hatred towards muslims is now becoming so open and evident it is disheartening . Especially from some one like u . I am very disappointed

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