10 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Kuch Kuch Locha Hai: Ambassador of crap movies!!! 0/5

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        Well, who in the world waste his Sunday morning watching a super-avoidable movie called Kuch Kuch Locha Hai? Well, I am the one who does so and let me tell you, I am not proud about this. I want to kill myself now for wasting this one day which accidentally I got as a Holiday between this hectic schedule of life. It is said that God helps those who help themselves and now I understand why even God interfered between my decision of watching this crap movie as I wasn't helping myself even for a second when I was planning to waste half of my day in a thing like this. I would have called this movie SHIT but a film like PIKU which released on the same day as KKLH speaks only about SHIT and still turns out to be excellent. Hence, calling KKLH a shit would be insulting the other good movie that released recently.

            When I was watching Ek Paheli Leela, I had felt that Sunny Leone has turned into a little better actor and I was proud of the fact that she is doing something good for herself and her fans. Well, I am not her fan for your kind information. But after watching KKLH, I am sad that she has gone back to JISM 2 where she acted like a bad newcomer who shouldn't be given a second chance to spoil another movie. Just because she has a fan following and beautiful look, she is been considered every now and then and we get to see idiotic movies starring her. The problem with Bollywood movie-makers is that they use Sunny Leone just as an item in their movie and this poor girl has to play that because she knows that's the only option she has to sustain herself in this film industry. 

            Devang Dholakia, the director of this movie about whom I have not heard from a decade, has proven why we have not heard about him since a decade. This movie is called a Sex Comedy. Can you please tell me Mr. Director where was the SEX and where was the Comedy in your movie? And where was The Sex Comedy? You claimed that it's a wonderful entertainer in your trailer but then where was the entertainment? And hell, who writes a story which teenagers can script it themselves? Have you also heard lyrics of your songs? It's so shameful that I was wondering why would one need a lyrics writer or any kind of writer to write those songs? And were you really thinking that the kind of punches (if you call those silly dialogues as one) your characters were uttering will make the audience of 2015 laugh and die in laughter? Come on, Mr. Director, it's time we grow up and understand that even a Sex Comedy can be made with a better plot and substance. Watch Hunterrr to learn something how such movies are made.

            I have nothing to talk about this movie. But let me mention Ram Kapoor before ending this review. After watching him in great roles, I do not understand how can he sign a movie which shows him as a pervert. Chalo, being pervert is fine but at least he should make us laugh with that. How in the world a talented actor like him can do a movie of this kind where he has nothing to do except making a mockery of himself. I am too disappointed and I wish he washes all his sins by working in another good movie before I start hating him for doing this movie. Other actors playing Ram Kapoor's friends, son, wife and his son's girlfriend (Evelyn Sharma) are as bad as 10-days unwashed utensils. Well, the reference I have made just now can make you understand in what kind of state of mind I am. This is what Kuch Kuch Locha Hai have done to me. I give this movie a big 0 out of 5.



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Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Haha , poor you. Did you actually go to the theatre to watch this? :O
Some directors think that the masses will watch any crap they produce.

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