28 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Does Bollywood community really love its fans and respect the audiences?

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       I know I am almost a month late in writing on this topic but I always wanted to. Bhai's fans would have hanged me to death if I would have written it in those deadly serious hours. But I think there's no danger now. All the Bhai fans are busy sharing and promoting Bajrangi Bhaijaan's first look. :-) Well, before beginning to write what I want, let me inform you about a Breaking News that has co-incidentally flashed in my Notification bar just now: Salman Khan's Hit-and-Run case files are burnt to ashes, says MH Govt. Wow! Indian citizens are really considered idiot and stupid to believe that this happened accidentally. 

          Well, we saw many Bollywood celebrities coming in support of Salman Khan when he was stated culprit for a man's death by drunk driving. The whole environment in Bollywood turned sadder as if someone had died. Few celebrities ended up tweeting something very weird and thus, became a controversy. That's how they came out in Bhai's samarthan. I am not a hater of Salman Khan but just another fan who likes watching his movie FDFS. But I am little different as I also like making fun of his script-less movies on Social Media after watching them. But I am a fan of Salman Khan and even I felt little bad considering that he would be in jail for next 5 years. But how did I forget that law and order in our nation is basically for middle-class and poor people. Rich people always get away with their crime. Right?

           I want to ask all these Bollywood actors as to what made you feel that Salman Khan is perfectly right and he shouldn't be in jail even for an year or say, month? When you take away someone's life, you should have to give a part of yours for it. Isn't it? And Salman was asked to give just 5 years of his. Would these celebrities have reacted in the same way for the culprit if Salman Khan would have been at the receiving end? For once, let's consider that it was victim's fault as he was sleeping on footpath, but would the stand of all his lovers had changed if he must have banged a pedestrian or a bike rider? Never. 

             I was listening to the victim who's leg was injured in the accident because of which he is jobless till date. He says that he finds it a myth when people say that Salman Khan is like a God for poor. According to his statement, Salman Khan never went to meet them and never offered any financial help in last one decade since accident took place. Why didn't these Bollywood people give away 1 lakh each to this man so that Salman's guilt would be reduced to a certain extent? 

            It is perfectly said that never meet your idol as you will hate him forever after the event. I have got many opportunities where I met these rich people in glamour industry. The kind of attitude they have towards their fans is very shameful. I won't take anyone's name but even a 50 year old woman was ignored by this Bollywood director/producer when she was just pleading him to take a Business Card of her son. I felt so terrible that I went to her after the director left and said that I work in Bollywood and will see if there's something for her son. This made her feel better and she left with a sad smile. For these people, we are just ants who are roaming on roads and sweating while they are tweeting on their latest iPad in full air-conditioned luxury car. 

            These people have no respect for us even though they know who their audiences are. Let them say how many times in public that they love their fans and respect their audiences but if you'll ask for a minute, you will be pushed away by their bodyguards. I am not saying that all of them are the same as some of them have commendable courtesy. But most of them are the same. Though we are viewing the whole incident as Salman Khan's fan but just forget this lovable person and then see the case. You will find how pitiless and selfish these Bollywood people are for whom we die and crave as if just seeing them would make us closer to the almighty God. If you and I would have damaged even a car of one Superstar in a road accident, they would have talked about how unsafe the city and the driving lifestyle is. You and I would have been tweeted against and called names by these same people. But because it's one among their community, it's all fine and they do not want justice to take place. That's how it is!

            My only request to the die-hard fans of Bollywood is- Love the movies. Love the works done by them. Love the superstar. Love their profession and their excellence. But never support their wrongs in personal life. Remember, they aren't what they project themselves in films. They aren't what their Bollywood friends talk in interview about them. They are something else which you'll notice when you'll find them near yourself. When they'll brush you, push you and snub you, that would be the day you'll stop worshiping any of these Bollywood superstars in your life. Aamir Khan is loved by all because he talks about us in Satyameva Jayate. Then what made him support Salman Khan in a case which is truly against the law and order? In the end, rich people will always advocate for rich and we, the poor, will remain to be poor and helpless. I wish the Bollywood community understand who made them before ridiculing us and not even considering that we are as much human as your Salman. If his 5 years are worth even our life is important and precious. 

P.S.: I am fan of the Superstar- Salman Khan but not the person in real life. If tomorrow I shall meet him, I'll post the photo obviously because I love him as a Superstar and it would be a special moment for me. So do not judge me later in life if I watch his movies or enjoy his songs. 



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