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Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip Acharya (Book Review-3.75*/5)!!!

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       What impression will it create upon you if I tell you that I have read a story which had only one character? Well, what if I tell you the one character I am talking about is not any human being but story of a deer? Shocked? Well, that's what happened to me when Ratnadip Acharya, the author of the book, told me the same. I was very skeptic if I would like this book or not but I had a belief because I have read author's debut work named "Life is always aimless until you love it" which was quite philosophical and partly motivational. Hence I knew that with a deer, he would have certainly created some magic. And yes, we has definitely written a better book than his first. I will any day recommend you "Paradist Lost and Regained", the book I am talking about, than his debut novel. And any author who is on the path of improvement becomes my favorite novelist by default. :-)

           Ratnadip Acharya does not use superfluous and big words to make his book sound literary. He keeps the things simple and that makes it easy for you to complete his book without picking up dictionary for reference even once. The book has a kind of magic that even if you'll want to finish it in one sitting, it won't let you. It will ask you to read it in days than finishing it in few hours as there's lot of things that it wants you to adopt. Author has once again written a philosophical and self-help kind of book using fiction as the theme.

            The concept of deer is something very new at least in Indian popular reading segment. With the description of a deer's life, its routine, regimen, lifestyle and some unfortunate and fortunate incidents, author have tried to tell us how we can achieve few basic things in life rather than complicating things. The book starts off very well telling us how this deer takes birth and her mother's love and affection towards her. 

           Later on, the author also tries to tell us about how the deer learns things by herself, ask several questions, understand few things herself, observe other species, adventures in the forest, witnesses mating of her mother with a male deer, tryst with humans, life in zoo, escapade, new learning in life etc. Using all these elements, Ratnadip Acharya makes us feel and realize how bad we do when we trap the animals who aren't meant to live in confinement. The book also tells us how scary we are to these animals just because of our behavior towards them. With this, author does not forget to compliment nature and every lifeless things that plays a big part in our day-to-day life but we do not consider them. 

             Summarily, I am very impressed how author have used deer to tell us many philosophical facts about our life and way of living. There are many learning that you will derive out of this book. Yes, I feel that the book is 50-70 pages thicker as it could have been easily summed up in 170-200 pages. It becomes stretchy sometimes and boring when few struggling stages of deer is over described. That's the only point which makes this book little weak otherwise even the climax is a happy ending which I was quite unsure about the way this book is written with all the seriousness and no nonsensical attitude. Haha! I give this 3.75* definitely. Edit the boring part and it could have been easily above 4 but I wish writer keeps this in mind while writing his next book. Looking forward to it.



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