10 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

I'm a Mamma's Boy and I am PROUD of it!

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At a wedding reception recently
           Mother's Day is here and how can I not write about the world's most beautiful human species! And co-incidentally even the Blog number is 1251st and this, also, is 71st Blog Post of this year. Also this is 7th post of this month. All of them auspicious numbers according to Hindu culture. Every mother I have found till date always have only one concern- Is my child moving in the right direction? Tell her anything that can improve her child's future and she will get ready to do that. Ask her to visit a temple 1500 kilometers far and she will do that. Ask her to feed cows daily for next 365 days and she will spend every morning searching for cows on roads and do the needful. Ask her to recite a mantra for 10,001 times daily and she will do that without thinking what amount of her time is getting spent on it every day. That's how selfless mothers are and therefore anyone who disrespect his/her mother is disowned by society and never looked with respect anytime again in life. 

          My mother goes in several parties and once she returns back, I ask how was the party, her ratings are always inversely proportional to the quality of food. She says,"Khaana toh achcha tha par mujhe maza nahi aa rha tha kyunki tu nahi khaa paa raha tha aur teri yaad aa rahi thi". And this is always a reason of argument in our home whenever we get invited somewhere. She is a socialite while I love to stay alone. But her main purpose to take me anywhere is because she wants me to enjoy whatever she is enjoying in her life. She can't see me missing any kind of happiness in life. Such is the sweetness of mother that we can never touch even if we give our lives for them. She will still be the biggest and love you more than you do. I have also seen few mothers who tell how their sons/daughters have hurt them a lot but they are still ready to accept them if they return back home. Any competition here? 

          My mother got operated on 13th March, 2015. Yes, just 2 months ago. A day before i.e. on 12th, she prepared food for next 2 days for both, my father and I. She also dusted and cleaned the whole house saying that she is not sure till when will she again be able to do all this with her fullest of capabilities. She made almost 3 liters of guava juice for us as whenever for brushing and bathing, we would come home, we will have to suffer scorching summer heat for 5 minutes on bike and this will give us little comfort at home. Seeing how she had managed home even when she wasn't present for 3 days, it made me cry a bit of times because I really felt for her. I, being 25 and totally fit, cannot do what she does at this age when she shouldn't put so much of herself in these physical activities. 
At Marine Drive last year
    And this is not the extreme. When she was getting operated on 13th, I was attending an event in Worli. I had told my parents that I won't be attending that event as I know how much I will miss my mother and won't be able to concentrate whatever would be taking place there. But my mother said that I'm not the one who would be operating her. I can not do anything if the things go wrong so it's better for me to take this opportunity which doesn't come daily. I was surprised. I knew how much support she will get just by knowing that her son is standing just few meters away when she would be taken for operation. After event, I managed to reach when she was getting operated. I came and waited outside the Operation Theater to hear what doctor have to say and see my mother in a better condition. Doctor had told us that she is unconscious and it will take some time for her to wake up. 

            But he added that she is continuously saying something which they are unable to understand. As soon as we were allowed to stand closer to her, I heard her taking my name "Veeru.. Veeru.. Veeru.." continuously. She was unable to speak as she wasn't served water for a long time but her lips were continuously moving. As soon as my father and I saw her taking my name incessantly, both of us were in tears. Doctor and nurses asked me to stand near her and continuously caress her head as it will make her realize that I am with her and nowhere away. And as soon as I did so, she opened her eyes slowly and saw me. The sigh of relief that she took was easily visible in her whole body language. And when she got to know that I am with her, she started uttering "Paani Paani Paani" as she was feeling thirsty after an operation of 45 minutes. But doctor had made us aware of not letting her have water for next 15 hours. I was feeling so helpless that I can't give her what she wants even when she is expecting that I'll do everything for her in this helpless condition now.

          I never get chance to serve her and I made sure that in those 3 days, I will do whatever possible and make her feel that she has a son on whom she can rely and feel secured. I knew that every time she will think that her son is a support, it would be my victory as a good son and good human being. There's nothing more enriching and goodly as treating your parents selflessly and immensely. I also see how she cares for our house considering that papa stays away from us for a whole year. Never ever do I feel that a work is stopped because of hurdles. She always manages to get things executed. In my life, if there's someone I can blindly rely upon, it's my mother and no one else. I have my 22,23,24-year old girl friends and I continuously crib upon them as to how my mother does everything since morning to midnight and never complains while they create nuisance even when their bags are little heavier than regular days. They may feel that I'm a Mamma's boy and I have no problem with that. I am proud to be a Mamma's boy. And I pray God that he keeps me grounded and kiddish ever that I never forget who's boy I have to be. :-)



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Jessica Hornberger said...

i love my mother too much. Thanks for your nice post . I hope I will see this type of post again in your blog

Samyuktha Semi Jayaprakash said...

Hope your mom is well now :)

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