31 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

Review: Welcome 2 Karachi: Silly, Mediocre, Unfunny! *½

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     Welcome 2 Karachi is the last release of this month along with 2 more movies. The film was delayed for few months when Irrfan Khan opted out of it due to his unavailable dates. Finally, Jackky Bhagnani came in as a replacement and the film moved ahead. Arshad Warsi is another actor in the movie. Both the characters plays friends and as Jackky wants to go to America for earning dollars but is being denied Visa twice, they find a way that they can go to USA even by a boat where VISA isn't a problem. They execute the plan and because of a natural calamity, accidentally, they lose their path and reaches to Karachi, obviously. And from here begins this movie which could have been one of those intelligent movies which gets merited whenever Bollywood is discussed but lands up nowhere because of its silliness, mediocrity and low-rented jokes which I hope 4th std child will enjoy.

        Director Ashish R Mohan have failed immensely in making this movie an incredible attempt considering the plot. He should watch Filmistaan which is also based on the same plot but made so wittily that if it releases again in halls, it would be a Blockbuster. This film at least had names of such actors who could have dragged few audiences in. A good dialogue writer would have done a great job for the director. When you are making a comedy, you should give enough time on dialogue and scene creation. It seems as if the whole thing is done in so hurry that director was lost in between and just wanted to finish the work. Not even a single scene is made with a commitment that we will make the audience go mad with laughter. And Welcome 2 Karachi fails here itself even after having multiple characters trying to make you laugh. You can only manage a sarcastic smile.

            Arshad Warsi is funny in his usual style in few scenes. I would like to specially mention the scene when he reacts between all the Pakistanis while watching India-Pakistan match. But the problem is that he seems to be bored with this whole movie-making since the 1st scene itself. You will find him just walking through every scene as if he wants to do the job as early as possible and get out of this whole directionless work. Similarly, Jackky Bhagnani's gujarati accent is less funny but more irritating. He couldn't carry it and made this movie nonsensical by a big margin. He looks committed. He is also trying hard. But when everything goes wrong with a movie, even a determined artist couldn't save it. I do not know why Lauren is promoting this movie when she does not have even 10 minutes of screen space. Silly!

            Songs are just irritating as they come when you want the movie to proceed. Only one song keeps you entertained, "Bhaag Nahi toh G pe laat padd jayegi" something. All I can say is, take your small children they will surely like this movie but do not go with a friend as he might ask you to refund in the interval itself for wasting his life's 2 hours. I am sure you must be yourself looking out for someone who can refund you and paying for someone else' ticket will only spoil your mood like never before. Stay at home. Talk with yourself in the mirror. And it would be more funny than watching this bored movie. I give it 1.5 stars out of 5.



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I had huge expectations from this movie..guess now am not goin to watch it !

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