29 May 2015 | By: Writing Buddha

FEMINISTS are using the WORD in a WRONG way!!!

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     Rapes in our country are not going to stop. This is evident. It has been more than 1 year since new government is ruling and nothing substantial has happened in stopping rapes or introducing new laws that can run fast track court in such cases. Our country seems to be developing an attitude of "Rape toh hote rehte hain yaar.. Kuch nayi baat karo". Now parents have even stopped telling their daughters to take care because they know whenever it will have to happen, it will because there is no fear of law, police and justice in the society. Out of all of this, there's a new word that we see in almost 90% of girls' social networking profile- "FEMINIST". 

          The Wikipedia definition of this word says,"Feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment"

           But have I ever seen any such kind of post from these girls calling them a Feminist? Never. Similarly, few boys also feel proud in calling themselves a Feminist. Every time, there's a news of some rape or brutal force applied on a girl's body to humiliate her existence, all boys are put in same equivalence class and called,"Boys will be boys" or "All boys are the same". Girls feel that just because men are physically strong and their appearance is aggressive, they won't feel anything inside even if they term them as rapist. How much do you know about us? When you pass on such statement, it's definitely proven that you do not have heart to think from the minds of your fathers and brothers. How do you expect us to think from your PoV then? 

            You do not realize but somewhere you are building a society that will consider almost every boy as a weapon meant to destroy a girl's soul and life. Even if a boy would be too innocent to even think of flirting with someone, he would be judged in the same way and he will never be able to lead a normal life again. A fear of girls will envelope his whole personality and whenever he'll see a girl or group of them passing across him, he will leave the footpath in panic and change his route. He would be scared that even if his hand will touch yours, he would be termed as pervert or molester or opportunistic. 

            Kangana Ranaut said it very well. She says that if this is how men are going to be seen and judged for crimes that only few of them commits, it will take us another 20 years to empower men. And actually this is where the crowd of our metro cities are moving towards. On the name of women empowerment, only silly things are discussed among girls. They want to wear sleeveless. They want to roam on road in midnight with group of boys. They want night-outs. They want trips on the name of Industrial visits. They want to have sex before marriage. Well, these days they are even fighting for sex outside marriage. Deepika Padukone's Vogue video is the biggest example what on name of women empowerment, these so called modern girls are demanding. 

            I feel very sad when I see girls talking ill among themselves about a boy who have just accidentally fell upon them because of crowd. I see it regularly while traveling in local trains. If a boy pushes a girl by mistake, he is been slapped by the girl following which few more men come to show how great feminist they are. But if a girl pushes a boy to get into the gents compartment (Yes! Gents compartment), he would be still seen as someone who did a mistake of coming in the way. For God's sake, please let us know when are you wrong? Are you ever wrong? Just because you give birth to both men and women, will you keep on proving that you have more rights of being right than men? Stop giving silly reasons for everything and proving that men are rascals who are only meant to spoil your integrity and respect. 

            These girls who are too opinionated towards boys have actually never received a man's love. They do not know what a real man feels for girls. In that Delhi rape episode, remember a boy was fighting against 5 of them to save this girl. He went through the same atrocities that the girl went through. But just because that boy wasn't raped because rapists weren't homosexuals was his fault that it never came into your notice the sacrifice that he gave that night. Similarly, after such incidents that happen with you, it's your father and brother who are the moral support seeing whom you decide to live the rest of your life forgetting what happened with you. 

           Understand that behaving cool by calling yourself a feminist is fun of just few days. Later on, when you will hear your son's tale of what happened to him in school or college, it will then make you realize what you and your girl friends lead the generation towards. I agree that even if you are lucky to not get raped in this country where few men consider you just an object, you fight with dirty eyes of men every day. I understand all your plight and complains but understand, all men are not same. Few of them would love to be your brothers. Not everyone wants to take you to pub, hold your waist, dance all night and then sleep with you. Please. I am not pervert and 90 out of my 100 male friends aren't. Stop classifying us with those assholes who have lost it. Yes, completely lost it. As a woman, do empower yourself but do not weaken our community. We are meant to grow together. Not one at a time. Understand! 




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Unknown said...

Good to see feminists hitting at the right place. I see this in many make feminists nowadays. Probably Masculinism is the way forward for men.


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