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Girls Hostel by Deepanshu Saini/Vinita Gupta (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

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“Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories” by Deepanshu Saini & Vinita Gupta (Book Review - 3.5/5)!!!
College life is carefree, fun and a happening phase… Shreya, Shruti, Ridhi, Kriti and Meghna – all enjoyed being together at the Girls Hostel. But the last night bonding was a little different…
The new secrets discovered and the new bonds grew… what suddenly made that happen?
The unspoken and unshared secrets of the dazzling damsels…
Girls – Wild Cats, Bad Witches or the Queen of Hearts… tough to guess.

Author Deepanshu Saini and Vinita Gupta’s this book will surely catch your attention. Title and cover itself reveals that this will going to be an interesting read among all the books based on young adult fiction. I completed the same in just single run and I am sure same will happen with you friends. Well, authors very beautifully narrated the happening of Girls Hostel that probably every next guy or girl wants to explore. 
It’s true that hostel life is very free and full of many ups and downs but no doubt, there is big difference in boys and girls hostel. 

According to Deepanshu - in the days when he was a part of college hostel life, his friends usually asked him about girl’s hostel and there it struck his mind to write on the very topic and finally the novel saw the day’s light. 

Nothing can be more exciting and captivating in life of any boy than the charms and secrets revolving around girls.

Well, story very beautifully reveals the secrets that probably girls don’t like to disclose. Simply narrated, easy to understand, author very clearly stick to the purpose of the book. The manner characters explained is good and simple. The way author linked the stories of all girls via card game is also impressive. There is no doubt that even girls will also found it interesting, wishing that they may not rebuke the authors about the description.

I also like the way, author keep the story short, though it could be more descriptive. The way, Deepanshu and Vinita explained the flash backs are impressive and make you feel in touch with the story anytime you pick the book.

Character of Shreya is my favorite. I wish, I could find a friend like her - Bold enough to screw one’s mind.   Shruti, Ridhi, Kriti and Meghna were even impressive. You will surely like the way, girls hit upon a naughty plan and reveal their secrets and what came out at last will definitely choke your breath.
This book is for all those who think that: Girls don’t drink; Girls don’t smoke; Girls don’t indulge in any adult games; Girls are not in to any girl-to-girl love act; girls don’t get committed with their professors and many such myths. 
Are you the one? Then, Read on to explore the realms of the Girls - Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories.
I give this book 3.5* out of 5.

Note: I don’t know how you all will find this book, but let me assure you that author has clearly revealed the real truth behind the walls. 
Caution: This book is not for below 18 

About The Author: 
Deepanshu Saini: Born and brought up in Delhi, Deepanshu Saini completed his B. Tech from Kurukshetra University and currently works as an Assistant Manager in TATA Power Delhi Distribution Limited.

Being a passionate guy with an optimistic outlook towards life, the author also has an interest in acting, writing, drawing and won many prizes in various cultural events.

Meeting new people fascinates him. He spends most of his time making up stories in his head. He truly believes that if you can't live for your passion, then you are worth wasting your time on this planet.

“Girls Hostel - Unspoken Memories” is his first fiction novel.

To know more about him, visit www.deepanshusaini.com or follow him at www.facebook.com/authordeepanshusaini 

Vinita Gupta: Born and brought up in Delhi, a debutante writer with the flair of storytelling running through her nerves, Vinita Gupta is an intellectual and vibrant girl. 

Graduated from Delhi University, she always thought that she will become a writer, though she wishes to give all her credit to her hubby and her friends. Certainly, she counts herself among the naughtiest creature of universe and wants to fly high and high. According to her, Girls Hostel – Unspoken Memories is her first novel, but it’s not the last. For more updates you may follow her at https://www.facebook.com/vinita.gupta.3557



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