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Happily Married by Chetan Dalvi (Book Review- 3.5*/5)!!!

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   This has been an easy book to read- "Happily Married" by Chetan Dalvi. This is the 2nd book written by author under Leadstart/Frog publication. By the title itself, you can assume that the story is about a man/woman who is happily married and it would be basically about their life after marriage. But there's more into this book. Chetan has tried to send a message across to all the youths who are in love to just not sacrifice it just because your parents are against your wish. He asks us to fight for love and get married to the person you have been dying to even see once a day or hear their voice. He tells that its a myth that love marriages are 99% failure and it's in our hands how we see the same partner once we are married with him/her. For giving out this message, Chetan Dalvi have fictionally tried to narrate his own love story and marriage and incidents post-marriage when he becomes father of a cute little girl who loves him more than her mother. 

           Coming to Chetan's writing style, I would say he has chosen the easiest way to tell a story which he wanted all the youths to read. For every couple who are struggling with their marriage, this book might give them little more strength to fight for it. This has been his vision behind writing this book and I feel that it shall even get successful as readers will connect with it. Chetan has purposely extended each and every "rasam" 's description so that the desperate couples out there waiting for their respective marriages will get an urge to experience the same. Similarly, honeymoon is extended for many pages. Chetan's purpose to write this book is transparent and therefore, you will not find anything called "story" in this book as it's a simple tale of how a man agrees his girlfriend's father for marriage, marries and then stays happily ever after with his wife and daughter. 

             The way this book starts gives you a feeling that you are going to read something very sweet and pure. It continues in boy's struggle to meet his girlfriend's father in initial chapters. I basically liked the part when he becomes father. A fatherly feeling is wonderfully described and that's something which touched me and made me relate with the character. Also, the way author have ended the book with a long message explaining each term he mentions is commendable. It takes book a notch higher.

            Now coming to the drawbacks, I would say that I was expecting some twists and turns in the book post-marriages where I was wanting to read incidents where couples would have a fight and then how they would have got back with each other by accepting each other's imperfectness. Also, I felt that whole marriage phase was written and stretched more than it was needed. I was waiting for it to end so that the life after marriage is discussed. Also, I feel that author should have added more story elements in the book rather than keeping it plain. Well, summarily, it is written keeping the couples fighting for their love and they will definitely like it. I give this book a good 3.5 stars out of 5. 



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