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Review: CityLights: A Reality we shouldn't run away from! ***½

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        I do not know what kept me away from Citylights from such a long time that's its almost an year since it released. Every time I wanted to watch it, something or the else came in the way. Finally, I went into this world of Citylights and I am very happy that I have seen one of the good movies released recently. Yes, it's not entertaining but it has everything that makes you believe it's an honest and pure attempt. Hansal Mehta is one of the most renowned directors our Hindi film industry have and he proves himself once again. The emotions that every scene delivers pleases an audience in you. The realism that is kept as a base throughout is what works with this movie and attaches you with it. I'm a Mumbaikar and I have seen many families similar to the one shown in this film. In fact, one like them approached me today for a little help. And that's why, this movie is face of our society and the story was needed to be told. 

            This film wins mainly because of its performances. Rajkumar Rao, take a bow. What an effortless actor he is! Right from the first frame to the last he maintains his character who needs all the sympathy of the world. The great thing about this man is that he doesn't play the character, he becomes one. Not for once does he allow us to believe that it's someone playing a character. Extremely real and powerful. Even when he doesn't say anything, his eyes speaks a lot about the situation his character he is in. As a helpless poor villager in a city like Mumbai, as a father, as a husband and as a small employee of a Security firm, Rajkumar is perfect as an actor. Full marks here.

           Along with him, Patralekha, the debutante, is no less. She manages to speak with her body language. In saree, standing quietly, she tells everything she is facing because of poverty and situation she is brought in by her husband. Her composure even when she goes asking for work at a bar is ac-knowledgeable. Such performance in her very first movie itself tells a lot about the actor she has in herself. A gem is found through CityLights. And now talking about the surprise package of the movie- Manav Kaul. I saw him last in Kai Po Che and he again impresses me as much as he did in that epic movie. He is the villain here which comes out quite in the anti-climax and till then the personality that he carries throughout is epic and commendable. His nods and small dialogues every now and then keeps the movie alive as other characters doesn't have such roles to speak much.

           The camera work is nice. The screenplay is also done very wonderfully which makes it easy for audience to go with the flow of the movie rather than getting confused. The songs are wonderful. Muskurane ki wajah tum ho is my personal favorite and every time it played in background, I felt very emotional. Another soulful song is Darbadar phire. I personally liked the climax as a movie which has such a depressing theme should have ended with a little smile. Though even that scene is emotional. There are few flaws in the movie. Unnecessarily songs playing in the scenes where acting itself speaks loudly. Slow pace even after we are introduced with what's the situation on which this movie would be based upon. Leaving such few loopholes, this movie is a reality from which we shouldn't run away. I give it 3.5 stars out of 5.



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