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Nights in Pink Satin by Anita Shirodkar (Book Review- 4*/5) !!!

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        It's always wonderful to read an author's 2nd book when you have read their debut novel just after it released. I remember my delighted mood after I completed reading Anita Shirodkar's debut work- "Secrets and Second Chances". I always love reading urban and metro based stories. And Anita surely excels in this. I am just done reading "Nights in Pink Satin", her 2nd book, which is released recently. Though she couldn't match the X-factor that her first book had but this book is no less. If that was 99/100, this one is not less than 98/100. I am amazed by the story that Anita have created. It's never easy to write when 2 plots are merged together to bring a story out in a regular flow. 

            When I read the synopsis, I was very skeptic if author would have been able to handle a story where the protagonist is writing a book based on the incidents happening around her but it's perfectly done and I am happy Anita didn't overdid it. Though it was quite evident that the whole climax would be based upon this particular book written by the protagonist, even that wasn't done in a filmy manner. Still, a movie can be made out of this book. Haha! That's ANITA SHIRODKAR for you. 

     Anita Shirodkar's writing style is easy and pacy and it's perfect for a story that's based in metro city like Mumbai. She definitely knows how to keep her readers hooked to the story and therefore she brings twists and turns at right time. Her quality of not giving a filmy version to the story whenever there's a twist makes her a special author. These days authors try to give a filmy element to everything since Indian pulp fiction are getting accepted by Bollywood to be adapted into a movie. Anita is definitely out of that league and that makes her book look more deserving to be given a filmy adaptation to it. Her characters are definitely churned out of many traits that people of very high society has. And she never underestimates any of her characters and give all of them an equal space and good treatment. For her, every character is protagonist. 

              The initial chapters are a treat to read. Definitely! The way Siddharth and Simran's family are discussed is one of the best parts of the book. Later on, how Simran reacts after knowing the truth after marriage is also dealt very nicely. The equation shown between Siddharth and Simran is what makes this book readable. Even when Siddharth's ex-gf returns back in his life after his marriage, there's nothing sort of extra-marital affair tone given to it. And still the confusion between the couple's married life is worth-reading. The way Simran's book thing is presented, it gives just a level-up treatment to the story. 

              You are scared for Simran as she doesn't let a single person know that she's the writer behind a book which is creating records and havoc everywhere around. The pre-climax when everything begins to settle down for Simran and suddenly revelation of a truth brings her under scrutiny in climax is the best Anita have done to this book. Also, Isha's mail described in climax tells a lot how author doesn't let any character get forgotten in between the bigger things happening in protagonists' life. I give this book 4* out of 5. And ANITA SHIRODKAR is in the list of my favorite authors now. Waiting for her next book which is already half-written. :-)




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