29 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

My comments on the cover page of "Life and Promises"!!!

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          I read a manuscript of aspiring authors- Pulkit Gupta and Ila Garg. The manuscript got selected and both of them are debuting with their co-authored work "Life and Promises". Although both of them work with many published and bestseller authors, they chose my comments to be printed on the Cover Page of their novel which released just 2 days ago. I am quite jubilant while sharing the cover page of this book. I am sure all of you will support it as it has given me an immense pleasure to be a part of it in such a unique way. What an Honor!!! May God bless you, Pulkit Gupta!



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Soulmate said...

Congratulations! Glad to see your comment printed on the cover page of the novel. Its so good! You have been reviewing so many books till now. Each review is honest and straight-forward. I wish I could write like you! This would be a very memorable moment for you. Have to buy this book now :)

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