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10 years of Experience can also be of just 1 year!!

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    It feels so proud to write in our CV that "My Experience is 15 years". But have any of us thought about the reliability of us as an employee in the organization that we are trying for? Yes, its true that we need a job and hence we go up to any extent for grabbing any position that we get. Everyone of us are accustomed to the fact that it takes 7-10 years and finally, we get the kind of payment and responsibilities that we always dreamed of having. Hence, everyone as a Fresher, fills up their CV with as many fictitious qualifications and eligibility that they can think of. I have found some guys who downloads CVs from Internet, read them and then adds even their new points in their bio-data to make their bio-data look extremely special than others. But this is not how the work happens and progresses. It's about the proportion of knowledge that your experience really gave you. 

            It is so easy for any one who has done MCA or MBA to say that I have 17 years of experience in studying but does this qualify a person as an intellect and knowledgeable? No. Even the throughout Rank 1 does not qualify the same. You are only considerable and deserving if you have learnt new things on daily basis. If you have remained to be the same that you were on the first day of your job, you are likely to be called as the one having experience of just a day. Greg Chappell said it recently regarding Cricketers that 10 years of experience does not mean 10 years of experience, it can also mean that you have experience of just a year. And it's so true. Recently, when Ishant Sharma conceded 30 runs in an over and India lost match because of him, MS Dhoni said it in conference that bowlers with experience at International level of Cricket can not be spoon fed. This is what happens when you don't learn things with time.

           Let me tell my own case of Graduation. The day I entered BCA( Bachelors of Computer Applications), I was a confident person and had a will to conquer the academics. But with time, my focus withdrew from studies and I started enjoying the journey of Blogging, meeting authors, discussing the fields with them, writing etc. I made this as my personal ambition while I treated academics as part-time. It resulted in depreciation in my score. Leave this but let me tell you frankly, if anyone from Computer fields used to come at my home and my father used to ask me to talk to them, I used to ignore the moment. Only for the sole reason that I knew nothing in Computers. I was learning nothing new in Graduation. And I didn't realize this until I reached 6th Semester. In 6th Semester, I assured my self that I am not going to bring any low marks now. I studied a lot and brought more than enough marks to be satisfied though target was much higher.

            And the moment I got admission in MCA in the college that I always wanted to be in, I decided that I will not repeat what I did in Graduation. Right from the first day, I was committed to MCA. For the first month, I wasted time in meeting old friends of BCA who joined different colleges for MCA but as soon as I realized that I am still walking on the old track and not learning something new, I changed my course of action and devoted all my time into studies or planning for it. Even if you spend 70% of your time in planning, there's no issue because if you implement it, you can do 100 hours of work in just 30 and meet the results still before time. And that's what is happening with me in MCA. I am doing very well. I am too satisfied with my performance in every area of college- my class performance, my results, my participation in extra-curricular activities, my conduct with classmates and teachers, my rapport with juniors and seniors etc. 

           The sole purpose of I being satisfied with my work is my daily establishment. I go to college every day for learning something new. And I have this reason quite embedded and fresh in my mind for the whole day. Hence, I make it sure that I answer questions of teachers every time possible. I make it sure that I at least concentrate in one lecture if not possible in all because I need to do something that can keep teaching me something new in this Master's course. And now I am quite confident. I don't shy away anymore if I get someone from my field. I discuss things. After I'll get the degree, I can say it to anyone with confidence that "I have experience of 3 years in learning Computers" though my real experience is 6 years including Graduation. Hence, rather than flaunting on the number of years you have been in something, take the job seriously and try to learn something or the other every time. Even after coming at home in the evening, believe that you are still at job and study books that teaches implementation of ideas in your work area. That's all for today. :)



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