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Computer Graphics & Animations by Trivedi (Book Review- 3.5/5)!!!

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   I have a subject in my MCA Semester 3 named Computer Graphics of which I understand nothing. Our teacher tries hard to make us understand but fails because of not being a great teacher. :-) A tutor tries but still half of the topics go above head. I referred many books but all were technically strong and thus I failed in understanding them as I wanted a book that can teach me at least the basics of what I am trying to learn. I remember when I got less marks in Mathematics last semester, my father bought a book in Hindi in which almost all the topics of the subject were included and asked me if I am comfortable if he reads the book in Hindi and then explains me in the easiest language possible. That is how a student has to be taught the subject that's really hard and something that requires time to understand. I issued several books from my library but didn't get the solution. Finally, I breathe a sigh of relief when I got my hands on "Computer Graphics & Animation". 

Computer Graphics & Animation provides an introduction to the subject with detailed coverage of all topics, from basic principles to practical applications, and is suitable for a one-semester course. The book will also be suitable for a project-based introductory course on Computer Graphics.

Key Features
— Provides detailed discussion of 2-D and 3-D concepts and techniques.
— Separate chapters on Multimedia and Animation have been included.
— A separate chapter has been added on Virtual Reality and Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). 
— Summary and review questions have been included at the end of each chapter for better understanding of the concepts. 

            "Computer Graphics & Animation" is written by four teachers collectively-
Munesh Chandra Trivedi is presently Assistant Professor in the 
Department of Computer Science, Institute of Management Studies, 
Ghaziabad. Earlier he was a faculty member of Krishna Institute of 
Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad and IEC College of Engineering 
& Technology, Greater Noida, U.P. He is a merit holder (MCA) from 
U.P. Technical University, Lucknow. He is an active member of 
International Association of Engineers and International Association of 
Information Technology Trainers. He has written many books and has 
published a number of papers in national and international journals.
            N. N. Jani is Professor & Director, Kadi Sarva University, Gandhi Nagar. He is member of Board of Studies. Kamaljit Lakhtaria is Lecturer in Atmiya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Rajkot. Gopal Dave is Lecturer in T.N. Rao College of I.T., Rajkot. All of the three have written many books and published a number of papers in national and international journals. 

             Book starts with an overview of Computer Graphics which can give even a non-technical person an idea of what the subject is actually about. I liked the tables along many pages in the 2nd chapter which gives the functions through which we can handle many graphical schemes. What I found as another benefit of going through this book were the diagrams given before every algorithm. Even the algorithm is stated in a very easy language and after that, its implementation in C++ language fulfilled all my requirements as its the same language in which I have to do practicals in my college for the subject. The summary after every chapter is a nice concept as this book is made according to the one semester course and also the review questions after that. This assures that if I answer all the review questions and even if I am unable to, and if I'll go through the chapter once again and get the answer, I'll actually pass this subject without fail. The last part of the book does not have numericals and programs which irked me. Also the initial chapters doesn't have. Also a little technicalities was needed which could have helped in developing the subject more. In all, I would rate this attempt a 3.5 out of 5.


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