13 October 2013 | By: Writing Buddha

International Girl's Day 2013!!!

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   2 days ago, we celebrated International Girl's day all over the world. Well, I don't know about the world but situation is quite tense and debatable in India when it comes to girls. Ask any girl who wants to live by herself and she will tell you how hard it is to stay alone and work independently. For a boy, India is the best country. He can do anything to earn for his living. He can stay awake all night at Call Center and no one will question him. If after Office hours, he feels like having a round in the surrounding, he is allowed to do it even at 2 AM. If he wants to get away in shorts, he can but for a girl, it is impossible. Well, the tragedy is that if this would have been the condition in some outskirt areas or villages, everything would have been acceptable at a certain percentage but the unfortunate happenings with ladies are seen mostly in Metro cities. If a girl is not allowed to follow her heart in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata, then there's some serious questions on which the discussions are to be done.

            We are celebrating Navratri these days and its about to end. Navratri basically means- praying all the 9 forms of Goddess. And hence, it continues for 9 nights and hence the name- Navratri. Don't you think that celebrating this festival is nonsense if we don't respect girls who are the form of Goddess on Earth? There was a time when I used to hear women being called Devi or referred as. But as the time is passing, the respect that men had for women is diminishing. They are turning out to be an object for men and this is something that's scary. We often find some people weird and doing what one should not but we shouldn't get judgmental for everyone belonging to that category just because someone didn't follow the terms of being correct, at least morally correct. So, if some girls are polluting the culture and norms that does not mean every girl should be judged in the same way.

           I know girls who proudly say that they love changing boyfriends and trying their hands on on almost everyone. Some also say that they love fooling their stupid boyfriends and shopping off on their money. Many are also found saying,"Mera birthday aa raha hai soch rahi hoon boyfriend se mobile maang loon. Gadha hai de bhi dega." These girls are the ones who have made every girl look the same. But I don't want people to standardize the beautiful angels by looking at some of the evil forms of the same. There are perfect ladies, the ideal ones still present among us. Actually, many of them are with us. It's about what our eyes love to see, we concentrate at. If a girl in traditional wear and another in exposing dresses passes across you, the one you prefer to look at is not the fault of the girls but your mindset. You can wisely ignore the one who is trying to garner attention and look at one who is trying to be as ideal as possible to be a good girl, at least to herself. 

            We need to give girls respect. This will result in improvement of those girls too who are losing their way to look little unnatural or different from the crowd and doing something that is objectifying almost all the girls. I have seen change in some girls who are associated with me or consider my guidance as something that can be at least tried once. They regretted their past behaviors and are now one of those girls whom no one believed them to ever turn into. Their friends teased themselves initially while some fellow mates still say that they are faking around but they don't care anymore. They know that the right eyes searching for them will eventually find them no matter what the world says or feels about them. A girl has to have confidence in herself. She should believe that even after living life in a simple way like her mother and still dreaming big will lead her to her dreams. And we, the men, should allow them to achieve what we can. We should allow them to have education for as many years as they want, we shouldn't enforce them for marrying early and settling down, we shouldn't ask them to confine themselves up to their bedroom or city or state. We should see ourselves first. Girls will obviously do better than us if provided the same facilities. I am sure all the boys are nodding at this. So, I hereby wish all the girls a very Girl's Day and I hope that you will not let some cheap men win an evil fight against you.



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